How to make your lips look bigger – challenge Fail


The Kylie Jenner challenge has elicited a lot of negative reactions from people. The negative emotions are not from her end results, it is agreeable that she does look great. The problem lies in the extent to which young girls are going to get the lip look. Many teens have been reported to suck air from a glass bottle which is a very risky thing to do because they are ending up with cut and bruised lips. While the intentions come from an honest wish of having the Kylie Jenner look, the method they are using is totally unacceptable. For those who still want to rock this look, read on and discover some safe beauty tips on how to make your lips look bigger.

Make your lips look shinny; shinny lips create an illusion of fullness. So when you apply your lipstick, always make sure to give it a shinny finish to obtain this effect.

Apply a lip liner; using bright and warm colors will make your lips look fuller. But combining the lipstick with a lip liner will increase the fullness illusion. Always make sure that the lip liner and the lipstick are one or two shades apart. Also always blend the two colors to avoid having a border on your lips. The proper way of using the lip liner is applying it after you have applied the lipstick or lip gloss.

Exfoliate your lips; you can do this by lightly brushing the lips with cinnamon after brushing your teeth. After this, apply some gloss if you are going out or apply some honey if you are staying indoors. Honey is known to treat skin naturally and keep it supple and smooth. Exfoliating your lips is also known to improve blood circulation on your lips and remove dark dead skin on your lips. So this whole process will end up giving you soft, moist lips that look full.

Avoid dark colors on your lips; dark colors are known to make lips look smaller so if you want to achieve the large lips effect, the dark colors will give you the opposite by making your lips look shrunk. If you want to have the full lip illusion then bright and warm colors are the way to go.

Concealer; you can apply the concealer lightly on your lips using a brush. The concealer’s shade should not be lighter than your foundation. This will work in hiding the darker shades of your lips and help in creating a fullness effect and make the lips look brighter.

It is always great to appreciate your own beauty and avoid copying what someone else is doing with theirs. With these beauty tips, you now have a safe way of making your lips look fuller without exposing yourself to danger.


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