Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Boiling Hot Water


There different durability tests that Samsung and Apple go through before they launch their new devices. However there are some circumstances that they haven’t actually tackled on. Now normal and tech experts do these experiments in order to show which company creates the most durable device. These experiments, namely bending test and drop test, have become viral on the internet as these shows Samsung phones, usually the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 being tested by bending them and dropping them. Although these phone tests seem a bit insane and a waste of money, it enables the people to see which one is much better at handling situations like those.


Another cell phone test is now making rounds on the internet. This is called the hot water cell test where Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 are dropped at the same time at boiling waters. The object of the test is to see which device can last longer.


The test involves two working devices, the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6. Both devices where tested first to assure that both are working perfectly well. And to make things clear, both of these phones are not water resistant. The stopwatches of these phones were launched. This is to know how long both devices can stay on the boiling water. Both stopwatches were started at the same time and then dropped on the boiling water.


A few seconds into the test and the iPhone started showing black spots on its screen until it went black by 10 seconds. Samsung, however, kept counting the seconds.

5 seconds before the 1st minute mark and Samsung went black. Nonetheless just after a second, it lit up again and displayed a message saying it turned off the applications that were open due to overheating. On that, both phones were flipped for a few seconds. When flipped back again, Samsung Galaxy S6 is still working though with the warning placed on the screen. After a second or two, it started to shut off.


To check whether the devices are still working, both were taken out of the boiling water and were rinsed with colder one. While getting its “cold shower”, the Apple logo was dimly shining on the iPhone 6 screen. After they were cold enough to touch, Samsung was attempted to open. Nonetheless, it remained shut off. The Apple logo was still appearing on the screen but when attempted to open, it disappeared as well as signs of opening.

Although Samsung Galaxy S6 can remain much longer on hot boiling water, it may still not work after getting it out after a minute or so.


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