Must Watch Guy In Yoga Pants Pranks


Watch how a guy in tight leggins gets mistaken for a woman, as he is in really tight black leggins and he is in a shopping car park sorting his boot out.It is so funny the looks he gets and even guys admire the vision they see as they walk past. And when the guy in the leggings actually stands up and asks the guys passing what they are looking at.

The look on their faces are amazing, and they are shocked to find out the mans behind they were staring at was in fact male not female.Some even have to take a second look even after finding out the person in pants is in fact male. Even after a second look they are still impressed at the shape and figure of the man bending over.

He really does look remarkably like a female shaking his behind. How can a guy look so good and pulling of a trick. and do it so well. Even girls are impressed with he vision as he bends over the car. and they even have a feel when he tells them that his is better and bigger than his. just an average guy sorting out his boot in his tight booty pants.

The expression of the people caught on camera realizing the fact they had been eying up somebody who looks good in leggins is in fact male. Watch this clip I promise you will watch it twice. I know i did.

And it was funny even the second time around. so don’t take my word for it go and have a look and watch it, then ask yourself.. Don’t ya wish ya booty was hot like mine.

The guy in the pants really does pull this prank of and everyone caught on camera were amazingly funny that they were actually being filmed.


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