Brilliant Trick Free Kick in Women’s Football


Football is a team sport and it was demonstrated in this free kick, the success of the trick play was the result of three great performances, as we all know a football team practice a lot of plays during the week, and the corner kicks, free kicks and the free throws are a great weapon to score in a very close game, in today´s football every team in the world must practice those plays both to try to score but also when they are defending their own goal, most of the coaches focus the plays in the movement of the players that are inside of the penalty area giving them special movements which can include specific directions, this special plays are usually use only once in a game, they are not very effective, during the years I have also seen some attempts to deceive the barrier of the opposite team, but the majority of the deceives attempts are fail attempts, because the play was really good planned or because the execution of the players wasn’t convincing, and the opposite team didn’t believe the hoax.


But this women made and incredible performance, the base was the trick, this was well planned, most of the tricky plays includes only two players but this one includes three players, that was the first hit, two players were situated backwards to the goal, and the third one was behind the ball, from that moment we can guess that the woman with the number 23 the only one who is in front of the goal will be the one that will kick the ball, we expected that one players who were in front of the ball will just touch the ball to let her to kick, but when she started to run in direction of the ball the surprise came when she suddenly stops in front of the ball and we realize that nobody has touch the ball and appears that there was a confusion in the players, even the nearest player of the ball appears to talk with hers team mate to change the play, but suddenly she touch the ball when the confusion has invaded the opposite players, the player number three takes advantage of this situation and touches the ball to her right side, where the third actress of this scene began her role as the main character and before anybody can reacts to the situation, she runs to the ball and kicks it, the kick was just perfectly executed, the ball flew all the way to the net, the goalkeeper couldn’t do anything, just a perfect strike a super goal, with an emotion celebration in the bench with the great director of this play, the team coach.


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