10 Ways to Avoid Colds and Flu


Winter is probably the worst season for the doctors who fight with unwanted germs. When the winter ushers in, people seem to develop symptoms of colds and flu. There is no known cure to prevent colds and flu. Proactive steps can help lead a healthy life during winter and throughout. This happens due to weak immune system. Virus and bacteria find it easy to enter your body. The article describes 10 ways to avoid colds and flu.

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© Subbotina Anna – Fotolia.com


1. Wash and Sanitize Hands Frequently

Flu virus spread easily through direct contact. When people sneeze, they tend to sneeze in their hands. After that they tend to touch here and there without washing their hands. Flue bacteria can live for longer time until they move to another person. The best way to prevent flu virus from spreading is to wash your hand frequently. If you are not getting water or sink to wash your hand frequently, you can use a sanitizer to wash your hand and keep yourself free from flu.


2. Keep your hands off

The best way to prevent cold is to keep your hands off your nose, eyes and face. Flu viruses find eye, nose and face as the easy gateway to enter to your body. Generally children get cold first and through them parents get cold. Most of the people have a habit of covering their face with their hands while coughing. You should always make use of a tissue paper for sneezing on it. After sneezing you should throw that tissue paper in to the dump. Make habit of sneezing in to your elbow when you don’t have a tissue paper around.


3. Get regular exercise

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© Deklofenak – Fotolia.com

Regular exercises can keep you away from colds and flu. The best way to avoid flu is to do regular jogging. You can do some cardio exercises to keep your heart healthy. A healthy heart paves the way for a healthy immune system. Aerobics are good for your health. They help you maintain a good flow of oxygen throughout your body. These exercises help your body maintain a natural ability to kill the germs. Exercises heat up your body to make you sweat.


4. Get a flu shot

A flu shot helps to boost the immune system of your body by fighting with the microbes. Apart from that a flu shot helps you feel better when you feel sick because of cold. When you get flu shot, the severity of cold get controlled. The best practice is to get an herbal flu shot. An herbal flu shot has no side effects. It works better than the chemical ones. Most of time nasal sprays work better than the herbal ones but they tend to counter your abilities to smell.


5. Stay away from sickies

Keep the sickies at bay. The flu virus can spread from the sickies through various modes. You should stay away from sickies for preventing colds and flu. Recent studies have found that most of the smokers are prone to frequent colds. Apart from that colds and flu persist for a longer period of time in their body. Use of alcohols can put a negative impact on the immune system of your body. It can affect your immune system in a number of ways. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect for your body.


6. Eat Foods that boost your immunity

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Eat foods that help you boost your immune system. You shouldn’t rely upon the vitamin pills. The best way to boost your immune system is to rely upon green, yellow and red vegetables as much as possible. Vitamin C helps people who struggle with cold. Always prefer foods that are rich in vitamin C. The vitamin has the capability to control the severity of cold to maximum extent. You don’t need to each much of the foods that contain this vitamin, but you can take these to some extent.


7. Drink plenty of water and juice

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© PhotoSG – Fotolia.com

When you have cold, you don’t feel like eating anything. But you should keep eating the foods that help boost your immune system. Along with the necessary foods, you should take as much water and juices as you want. Water and juice keep the digestion power of your stomach up to the perfect levels.


8. Get Plenty of Sleep

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© Valua Vitaly – Fotolia.com

Get plenty of sleep when you get cold. If you don’t feel like sleeping, put this in to a habit. When you sleep for longer hour during colds, you immune system become healthy. When you sleep, you tend to be relaxed. This paves the way for maintaining the proper floe of blood in your bloodstream. Your blood chemicals show changes when you sleep for longer hours during flu.


9. Reduce your stress levels

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© Syda Productions – Fotolia.com

Being stress free is the mantra to stay away from all the diseases. When you have colds and flu, you should stay away from stress. There are plenty of ways to stay away from stress. You can relax at your home. You can go outside to enjoy with your friends. There are many more ways how you can relax. When you stay stress free, you tend to maintain a health immune system. A healthy immune system prevents the severity of cold.


10. Stay warm

You can stay warm by sleeping under a thick blanket. If you are not doing so you can take sips of soups. The best idea is to drink saline hot water. It reduces the soreness of your throat by reducing the density of mucus. Most of the water goes away from your body when you have cold, you can supply water in to your body through this. The other way to keep you warm is to sip soup. The vapor of soup clears the nasal passage.


10. Get your probiotics

You get cold because of weak immune system. To boost the immune system of your body, you should take probiotics. These help your body in improving the digestive system. Probiotics increase the number of good bacteria in your body.



Here are the ten ways to keep colds and flu at bay. You don’t need to go to a doctor for preventing flu. You just need to follow these ways. You should always take preventive measures instead for waiting to cure.


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