3 Money Advice For Living On a Low Income


Living on a low income is not easy; in fact, it can be stressful and frustrating. However, there are things you and I can do to make it easier such as cutting back on eating out. Eating out is fun but it is expensive.



Instead, buy nutritious foods such as salads, potatoes and soups. These foods stretch the budget and are delicious.

Another step is to buy in bulk.Food items such as dry pasta, rice and beans come in large packages, are nutritious and have a long shelf life. Some may not know it but second hand clothing is a another great way to save money and wear clothes that look great! Shopping with coupons, is another step that will help. Coupons often come in the mail, the newspaper or in flyers. As they come in, cut them out and use them the next time you go shopping.

To save even more money, buy used furniture. Sometimes an apartment complex will sell used furniture at affordable prices and in most cases, the furniture looks good and wears well. Not renting or purchasing DVDs is another step you can take. Instead, check out your local library and borrow some books and DVDs. Your taxes are paying for libraries, so why not use them?

Most importantly, instead of buying items that are disposable such as paper towels and disposable plates, which are used up quickly, use cloth napkins and either wash dishes or put on your dishwasher. Another step is to avoid the lottery. A great deal of money can be wasted when playing the lottery. Instead of gambling, create a budget and use the money you have to provide for your family’s needs.

Another step that will help is when you receive your paycheck, pay yourself first! To ensure that this is done, have money automatically taken from your paycheck and have it put into a savings account. You will be surprised how quickly the money adds up!

To conclude, living on a low income is not easy; however, by following one or more of the above steps, you can not only live a more enjoyable life, you and your family will be heading toward a brighter and happier future! Don’t let a low income stop you from enjoying life! Utilize the assets you have; your income, offerings in your community of used furniture, your local library and other avenues of quality living such as thrift shops and of course, paying yourself first! Building a future takes time, effort and a desire for a better way of living.



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