Mortal Kombat Elevator Funny Prank


You never know when a video will go viral. For fouseyTUBE, it was a funny spinoff of the video game Mortal Kombat, combined with an elevator and several unsuspecting random people, that helped emerge him into pop culture.
The Mortal Kombat prank, in which the main character dresses up as the Mortal Kombat character Sub-Zero and “jumps” random unprepared riders, is nearing 39 million views since being uploaded on YouTube. As far as a funny prank video goes, it’s hard to beat what fouseyTUBE drew up.


In the video, seven different people fall victim to the elevator prank. The first is a young lady, who initially laughs at the Sub-Zero character, who is relaxed and chill in the elevator. That laughter quickly turns to fear though, as Sub-Zero starts getting into fighting mode, causing the young woman to frantically push the “open door” button on the elevator while giving off several high-pitched yells. At this point, Sub-Zero breaks character and reveals that he’s just kidding, though the woman, who was wearing short jean shorts and a black top, remained skeptical of his motives.
While the first woman freaked out, she was reserved compared to a pair of men later in the video. Midway through the video, a blonde man in a white shirt is standing next to Sub-Zero’s accomplice. He starts the ride text messaging, but the elevator door opens, Sub-Zero jumps into the elevator and does a flying kick to the accomplice. This causes the blonde man to bolt out of the elevator down the hall. But even his reaction paled in comparison to the last victim, a young black man.
This man embodied the funny prank, as he cowered in the side of the elevator and gave an ear-splitting shriek as Sub-Zero approached him after pretending to karate-kick the accomplice. This caused fouseyTUBE to break character early, as he wanted to make sure that the shrieking man didn’t have an anxiety attack.
A couple of the pranks almost led to actual fights. The third victim, a young black woman, was ready to throw down, as she backed against the wall and put her leg out, ready to strike as if she was Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid. This caused Sub-Zero to back off, as he didn’t want a foot to the chest. The fifth victim, a young Asian man, immediately broke down into a martial arts stance when “attacked” by Sub-Zero. Wanting no part of a real fight, Sub-Zero not only broke character, but pointed out the hidden camera on the ceiling of the elevator.


A couple of the victims took it in stride, as one black man kept calm (though putting his dukes up just in case) and started laughing when Sub-Zero did a version of MC Hammer’s “Running Man” dance. Another black man just kept his distance, calmly saying “Hey…bro?” as Sub-Zero did his thing.


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