10 Simple Ways To Help Get Rid Of Belly Fat


Everyone wants to remain fit and active, nobody wants to be overweight and fat. Many people suffering from obesity take up their weight loss plan seriously but they give up in the midway because they are unable to see any drastic results. Once they quit their diet plan they tend to gain even more. They must realize that it is not just the course they should follow but they need to change some of their habits as well to lose belly fast.


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© Valua Vitaly – Fotolia.com


Here are ten easy ways you can really make a difference in your waistline. 

1.Never skip breakfast

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© kab-vision – Fotolia.com

There’s a common myth associated with breakfast, that if you skip breakfast you will lose weight fast. But researchers and nutrition experts have proven this myth wrong and they advise you to never skip breakfast. Breakfast is a very important meal of the day as it provides you all the energy you need in the morning and will not let you starve for lunch. It is a common tendency among people who are skipping breakfast to hog during lunch or to eat unhealthy snacks before lunch. This actually increases the calorie intake and how much ever you try you won’t be able to burn it without changing your habits.


2.Drink black coffee or green tea

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© volff – Fotolia.com

Many people are unaware, of the fact that their morning beverages can help them by not only getting them started for the day, but also aid in maintaining their weight. Both the drinks green tea (used extensively in the eastern part of world) and the western black coffee provide antioxidants that helps the body fight aging and fatigue. Not only this, research has proven the fact that these beverages reduce the risk of common age related diseases like diabetes. Drinking these beverages on a regular basis will help you burn calories at a faster rate.

3.Avoid sugar and oil as much as you can

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Sugar and oil are the main cause of obesity. One teaspoon or cube of sugar adds nine calories to our body and 1 teaspoon of oil adds a whopping forty calories to our body. The AHA (American Health Association) found out that the main cause of obesity amongst common Americans was the consumption of sugary cereals in the mornings. They have recommended the maximum consumption of 6 teaspoons = 100 calories of sugar in all forms of food per day. A study has indicated that most of the fast food items use vegetable oils some of which contain Omega-6 fat type. This compound increases the appetite and makes us obese. So it is very essential for us to know what type and how much quantity of sugar and oil we take on a daily basis.

4.Sleep enough

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© vgstudio – Fotolia.com

There’s a deep connection between obesity and sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep affects both your health as well as habits. It is a common trend for people working in odd shifts to be always sleep deprived and obese. It is also seen that sleep deprivation makes us consume more of fatty chips or sugary snacks. The average human body needs 7.5 hours of sleep every day. According to a famous doctor a good sleep is a solution to obesity though it won’t reduce your weight but it will not let you gain extra. Therefore it is recommended that you find time to sleep.

5.Drink water

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© Gina Sanders – Fotolia.com

It is commonly seen that nowadays people have reduced their water consumption and switched to caffeine drinks or cold drinks. These substitute drinks are one of the reasons for weight gain as they contain lots of sugar and calories. Water itself doesn’t affect your weight in any way but is aids in weight loss. It is commonly seen that drinking 2 liters of water everyday maintains your body’s metabolism. It also helps you to adhere to your diet plan as it doesn’t let you starve.

6.Eat Fiber-rich and organic foods

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© Kurhan – Fotolia.com

Fiber rich foods are a must for a healthy body. They help with both digestion as well as nutrition. They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Use of fiber rich foods is the fundamental of any diet plan. According to a study, if your calorie intake is thousand per day then taking eight grams of fiber every day will help you lose 4.5 pounds. You can select form a variety of fibrous fruits and green vegetables and make delicious and healthy food items with them.

7.Eat slowly and 3 times a day

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© Kurhan – Fotolia.com

Nowadays many people are overeating in the name of following a diet plan by constant snacking. Well to tell you the truth this scheme doesn’t work out for many people because they choose the snacks wrongly. In order to help you lose weight easily without having to run every hour for a quick bite here is the best advise eat slowly and 3 times a day. It is commonly seen in our daily lifestyles that instead of chewing our food properly we just swallow just to save time. For proper digestion and maximum nutrition we should eat slowly while chewing our food properly.

8.Eating healthy foods and avoid too much Alcohol

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© Africa Studio – Fotolia.com

Any diet plan is good if you are eating healthy foods at the right time and sleeping properly. But do keep in mind that healthy food doesn’t mean eating only raw fruits and vegetables. A healthy meal is one which provides your body with appropriate amount of energy, nutrition and immunity. Therefore a meal must have all carbohydrates, fats, proteins, oils, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Alcohol especially beer adds on to your weight. One can of beer is equal to 154 calories. It is also common amongst us to eat more of junk snacks if we take alcohol. Therefore it is advised to reduce your alcohol during your weight loss plan.

9.Never eat before going to bed

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© Subbotina Anna – Fotolia.com

It is a very common habit to eat just before going to bed. Some people might argue that eating before bed helps them get proper sleep but they are actually unaware of the problems it causes. It is one of the main causes of acidity that causes chest pain. It also contributes to weight gain as people tend to overeat junk snacks like chocolates and chips in order to sleep. Asthma patients are advised by doctors to change their habits of eating before bed because it causes more of gastroesophageal reflux like coughing, suffocation and wheezing.

10.Walk and don’t sit too much

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© Andres Rodriguez – Fotolia.com

Walking is the best tip for weight loss because walking helps you burn calories during the entire day. A person weighing 150 pounds can burn more than 60 calories if he walks a kilometer. Therefore make walking a habit try to walk to nearby places. Avoid sitting down continuously for very long periods because that is one of the main causes of obesity.


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