Best Ways to Open a Stuck Jar Lid


Opening a jar with a tight lid can turn out to be a challenging task sometimes. If it is a challenge them muscle power is required. Right? If you answered yes then you may have to rethink and change your answer. Opening stuck jar lid is nothing close to use of physical power or masculine effort. It is simple. With simple ways to open a stuck jar lid, you may be surprised how it can be as simple as bursting a soap bubble. Even for the stubborn ones, you still got simple ways to ease the challenge. Take a look at these four ways, they may save you the struggle and battle of opening that stuck jar lid.


  1. Improve your grip on the lid. This is a jar lid that is stuck and very tight, so the normal grip of your mere hand may not even move it a little bit. You may harm your hand at the end of it all! This is where you consider having an improved traction of the lid. Improving your traction on the lid can be achieved by use of items such a; plastic wrap, rubber band or a rubber glove. You can place a sheet of plastic wrap on the lid and then try twisting it to open. For the rubber band to improve your grip, you place it around the outside of the stuck jar lid and try opening it. Something like a rubber glove is always somewhere around your house. You put on a rubber glove on your hand and then open the tight jar lid using that hand.
  2. If the stuck jar lid is too stubborn to be opened by improving your grip, you can try to use a household tool to ease the challenge. Take for example a cooking stick, use it to tap around the edge of the jar lid. With this, you will hit the air packets and hence release the vacuum seal. Released vacuum seal equals to an opened jar.
  3. Hot water can also be used to deal with a jar with a tight lid. This can be done by passing hot water over the tight lid or overturning the jar into a tray with hot water. Thirty seconds of overturning the jar on hot water are enough to loosen the seal. Once the seal has been loosened, then the job is very easy to remove the lid.
  4. For some jars, the challenge is over after the initial opening. For other jars that contain sticky items such as honey and molasses, the challenge may not be over after removing the top lid. The seal after the lid may be very much cemented in place. How to deal with this is preventing it from happening in the first place. You can prevent this by covering the jar with a sheet of plastic wrap before placing the lid on top. This ensures that the sticky ingredients do not come into contact with the lid, something that eliminates the cementing.

Got a stuck jar lid? There you go. Do not use muscle power to open it. Just easy but powerful ways which will definitely work for you. You do not need fancy equipment to open a jar lid, just the simple things around your kitchen is all the need to face this challenge. With these four ways, the battle of struggling with a stuck jar lid transforms to a very easy task to perform.



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