Hilarious Moments When Justin Bieber Gets Scared on Ellen


Forget all the hype about his ‘Fearless Tour’ Justin Bieber gets frightened easily just like the average person. The ‘Baby’ hitmaker was pranked by his host Ellen DeGeneres during the taping session of Friday’s Ellen Show. Unfortunately both Justin Bieber and Ellen were on camera.


In a stage managed event, a lookalike model model just popped up from under a table just between Justin and the host in the middle of the interview. It started out when the award-winning singer was asked by Ellen if he was scared of getting roasted on Comedy Central. Even before he could think of an answer, a Calvin Klein model popped from under the table and charged at the already terrified JB. The lookalike was clad in a pair of Calvin Klein boxers and a fresh color shirt with Canadian tattoos. “Oh my gosh, don’t do that to me. Oh my God. Why me? I’m the prankster,” Justin exclaimed. “I’m the prankster. Why are you doing this for? I thought we were together on this.’’ The prank left the TV host in hysterics. ‘’This was perfect!’’ she said while explaining to JB that it was a CK model trying to be as good looking as him. It was later established that the stunt would be her only shot as she wasn’t part of the comedy roast, the taping was her only chance of pranking the 20 year old singer. He later tweeted ‘I think today was our best hang out yet. TheEllenShow You got me. Lol.’

It was the fourth time the superstar was making an appearance on the show this month and he was coming to promote Ellen’s new ABC TV series ‘Repeat After Me.’ On the next show scheduled for next Tuesday, JB is expected to feature where he will follow instructions on how to wind up a woman who will be teaching him how to bowl. The instructions will be relayed to him via an earpiece.



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