Awesome MLS Soccer Goal Celebrations


Sports center comes on and the first thing you see is a highlight of player scoring the game winning goal. As the referee gives the signal of the final shot. The athlete jumps around celebrating their triumph. In some cases the athlete will have a prepared celebration. Most of highlights that are shown on the broadcast are the most entertaining celebrations, although the NFL players seem to get the most coverage some of the most original celebrations come from soccer players.

Diego Fangundez plays for the New England Revolution. He has an awesome soccer goal celebration.celebration. He shows his celebration skills at the forty minute mark of the Revolution vs. Chicago Fire match. One of his teammates kicks the ball out of the corner. It makes it way in the direction of two Revolution players, one of which passes the ball to Fangundez. In one fluid motion the star player hits the ball off of his head and into the goal. The goalie attempts to block the ball, but is unsuccessful. The Goalie also tries to get a foul called on Fangundez, but is unsuccessful in that attempt as well missing the ball.
Some soccer celebrations involve the entire team jumping on one another, but that is not the type of celebration Fargundez likes to do after making this goals. He looks around the field, seeing what he wants to do he jumps over a wall that surrounds the field. The Revolutions have a group of men dressed in costumes of soldiers from the revolutionary war. The soldiers carry a musket and shoot it in the air each time the Revolution score a goal. He stands next to the patriots and pretends to hold his own musket in the air, so that he can shoot his air musket with the teams mascots. They all shoot the muskets into the air, followed by Him running back onto the field and hugging his teammates.


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