The Cicret Bracelet incredible Skin Touchscreen


The latest creation in the worlds of wearable tech is an arm band that turns the skin into a touch screen. The device is designed to replace tablets and smart phones.

The cicret Bracelet, as it’s referred to, is compatible with Androids and comes integrated with a Pico projector that utilizes miniature proximity sensors displaying an exact replica of the phones screen on the wrist. The Pico projector contains 8 long range sensors and the hardware needed to run all Android Apps. It is the first and the only one in the world that has a combination of 4 technologies making it a ground breaking wearable device with a low angle projector and can be controlled with a finger.


It comes equipped with LED lights for notifications, embedded memory card, accelerometer, a USB port, vibrator, WI-FI and Bluetooth compatibility. The device will use a technology that allows details of SIM to be put into the hardware instead of having its own SIM.

It will also be possible for users to pair the bracelet with an existing Smartphone, activate speakerphone functionality and answer incoming phone calls on their Smartphone. While the cicret is designed in a way that it can sync with an iPhone, it can also operate as a stand-alone device.

After wearing the cicret bracelet you just need to shake or tap the wrist and the display appears on the arm. It will then allow you to control all Apps like your touch screen tablet or Smartphone and perform all the tasks you want on your arm itself. The proximity sensors detect the position of your finger or fingers and allow them to interact with the interface just as they would on any other Android device.

The device allows you to, watch film, edit and look at photos, send and receive mails, answer your calls, find your way, play your favorite games, check the weather, surf the web, and do whatever you want on your arm

One big advantage is that the device can be used even in swimming pools and showers as its waterproof. The device also works perfectly even in bright day light.

Currently a prototype is available that shows the functionality and beauty of the cicret bracelet. The cicret developers have also launched a messaging App that will provide full control and secure data over it. The messaging App is available for Android users. The bracelet will be released to the market in June 2015 and it is likely cost $300. It will be available in 10 colors and will have both a 32 GB and 16 GB storage option.



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