Worst Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend , Surprise Honey !


If you don’t have any gift ideas for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day, then try to make light of it using something funny. It’s frustrating when you’re really trying to come up with something meaningful and are drawing a blank; just remember, the gift is not the most important thing, it’s that you remembered your wedding anniversary or just that it’s Valentine’s Day. So get creative and impress your girlfriend or wife.

I was watching this video of a guy who boxed up a dozen cockroaches and wrapped the perfectly with a bow and everything. Think of the surprise when she opened it up, hoping for some shiny necklace, only to find these ugly bugs! You know what she likes and what she can’t stand, so use that. If it’s spiders or rats, whatever, remember she’ll take it like you really know her very well, including what turns her off.

For your wedding anniversary, why not get her a bottle of wine, from the year you got married, but instead of some precious wine, fill it up with some foul tasting, smelling liquid. She takes one sip and BOOM! It is sort of a sweet intention delivered in kind of a funny way. Maybe next year she won’t nag you about getting her a present.

You might think this is the worst gift idea but you could end up sharing a laugh, and it’s never a bad thing to get you girlfriend to laugh. Plus, every girl wants you to be unpredictable, so think of the biggest surprise.

Don’t be stupid, though, it’s all in good fun until you get her a poisonous viper or tarantula. Really think about it and find something that will not put her in danger, this will not end well for you. It is supposed to be a funny surprise, do not go overboard. Don’t be surprised if she tries hitting you or cries, so just enough scare to be funny.

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