Woman Drives off with Wheel Clamp on Tire


This is a video which depicts a woman trying to get out of her parking space, but can’t because the police have placed a wheel clamp, or boot, on her vehicle. She is driving a BMW, which looks like an SUV of some type. She appears to be very angry because she doesn’t want to pay a parking fee, so she attempts to back up with this large wheel boot attached to her tire.There is a police officer standing next to her car, and it’s hard to tell if he’s trying to get this boot clamp off the tire, or trying to get it to stay on. At one point the lady starts to back up her car, which startles the police officer, as he steps back quickly, so he doesn’t get his hand run over. The woman, after a couple attempts, does manage to back her vehicle, but the clamp is still attached to the tire, and you can visually see the whole SUV jump up and down as this clamp is going around on the tire. She stops for a second, but then once again starts backing up and you can see the wheel boot hitting the undercarriage of her car before she once again backs over it again as her tire rotates backwards.


She then puts the car in drive and starts to pull forward. The wheel boot is stuck between the tire and the undercarriage of her car as she tries to move ahead. While all this is going on, you can clearly hear the people in the video who are standing around witnessing this event, as they are saying things like, “please stop, you’ll tear your car up”. The woman continues on, gaining a little speed and the wheel boot is still going around and around on her tire. The next thing you hear is some laughter from the people standing around, as the boot has finally fallen off her car. After that, people start cheering because she has gotten away with it. They keep showing all the people cheering and laughing even after she has already driven off.

The camera then zooms in on the yellow wheel clamp lying in the middle of the street. It sounds like it is very windy out, because you can hear the strong wind currents on the camera mic. People are still standing there yelling comments about how she drove away with the wheel boot on her car.



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