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The Ladies’ Code music band has had its greatest hit after it lost two members in a tragic road accident. The two girls, Go Eun Bi and Kwon Rise are the lasting memories of their beloved popular girl group and they leave behind the greatest shock ever since the band was initiated early in 2013.

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The Latest Updates

The wake of the death of the two instrumental members was met by a consolation kind of release I’m Fine Thank You that served fans well. As a vote of thanks after the thrilling release, fans went ahead to post in online communities encouraging people to listen to the newly released project by the band. More specifically, this song was a tribute to realize Eun Bi’s dream in finishing first in the Music Charts.

The most outstanding part of the newly released hit is that it featured a background memory of the two artists. However, Eunb’s is the greatest of the band members whose consolation is highly hued by the song as she had speculated of ranking highly upon the release of the song before the tragic accident. In November 12th, Mr. Park the van driver who caused the accident through over speeding was arrested. The National Institute of Scientific Investigation is currently looking inside the matter. If convicted, Mr. Park would face a two year imprisonment.

A close analysis at the accident reveal that the van carrying the band was over speeding before swerving off the road and kicking off a protective wall. Upon impact, the back wheel of the van came off. On another note, the group has not mentioned any intention(s) of producing another hit anytime soon. As it appears, the music news about the accident has sent the remaining three pop stars; Zuny, Ashley, Sojourn in quick shock and perhaps they have to re-think about re-filling the band before making any meaningful musical treads. The K-pop band was gradually picking up. This was after credible publications stated of the band’s new contract with Pepsi as the company’s next models for their campaign Open your Pepsi Now’. Shortly before this, Ladies’ Code had teamed up with Nexon and promoted their winter update for Mabinogi Heroes.

What’s Next?

Going by the above latest features by the pop music group, speculations are ongoing in the media mainstream with a likelihood for newly signed artists. Although the accident was a tragic onslaught for an ambitious team of pop stars, the manager Mr. Park, stated that the talent inherent in the girls will dominantly influence their careers in music. The billboard magazine has not hesitated to project ladies code news congratulating the group’s throw back elements, powerful vocals as well as modern electro-pop. Although it is clear that the K-Pop band has no intentions of launching a record or an album project anytime soon, the singing ability and passion is expected to drive them back to the industry with a notorious stunt. As for now, let’s wait as Sojourn, Zuny and Ashley absorb the shock and demise of their loved members before embarking on any significant tracks.


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