This Overloaded Truck Is The Funniest Road Fail Ever


There are many funny road video that users can view. Some of the funniest video are those that are recorded and posted on social media . Overloaded trucks are some of the things that never fail to make people laugh. One of the funniest involves a truck incident that we want share with you today . This particular unfortunate incident involved a truck that was en route to an unknown location It had the misfortune to become involved in a funny tip over, and major funny truck fail.

This video shows an overloaded truck somewhere in Indonesia probably packed with an unknown type of cargo tips over. It involves the truck and the people who are following on motor scooters. A nearby bus full of people is taping the video. The truck loaded with heavy white bags gradually leans to the the left and bit by bit tips over onto its side. Unh OHHHH ! there it goes!!

It shows the danger and also the humor of putting too much on your truck and what can happen. Fortunately the people who were following on the motor scooters were not hurt in the truck incident but they could have been. The video is funny cause you know it is going to happen any moment and because we presume no one was hurt. It serves a lesson though as to the reasons why not to over load your truck and what can happen when and if you do. Watch the overloaded funny video and enjoy it. It is really funny!!


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