10 Things women just don’t do anymore these days !


Times have changed and people have changed too, particularly women. Fifty or sixty years ago, dating and marriage went down quite differently. Women were courted, for months or even years before the man would pop the question.

The way women interact with men has now changed and these changes are not necessarily for the better. The feminist revolution did great things in terms of women getting careers and being more than a housewife. Feminists encouraged women to have it all, but can anyone really have it all without suffering a loss of some kind?

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The feminist movement ruined the old fashioned, traditional values that existed fifty or sixty years ago. Feminism is one of the reasons why women just do not do the following things anymore:


1-Dress Nicely –There seem to be a lot of women who just do not bother to dress up nicely anymore or perhaps conservative is the correct term. In actual fact it is more likely women will choose more revealing attire these days and then they wonder why every sleazy guy in the nightclub makes a pass at them. Sure; women can dress however they like, but perhaps if women were to dress more conservatively, their chances of meeting a nice, caring and decent man would increase.


2-Expect a Man to Court Them – As was stated earlier; courting seems to be a dying art. Women have control of this and should be using it. There are way too many women willing to get in a bed with a guy they barely know. Times have changed, but women should not be giving it all up on the first date.


3- Cook for Their Man – Women do not seem proud about cooking for their man. The amount of women these days with high powered careers obviously don’t have time. Women should probably make time and encourage their men to take them out to dinner on occasion. This is all about nurturing the relationship, which people don’t seem to do anymore.


4-Women are Often Not Discreet – This is a trait in women that many men cannot stand to put it bluntly. Sharing details about the man she is with is really taboo. A lady never kisses and tells, and if a woman wants a man’s respect then she must keep her dirty laundry away from gossiping people. Gossip, especially the negative kind usually gets back to the man.


5- Women Do not Demand Respect – Why do women do this? Is this because they feel like second class citizens? That’s likely to be one reason. Feminism has only gotten women so far, yet they allow rudeness and bad behavior from men. If a woman is on a date with a man who is rude to her or even the waiter; she should leave. Do not tolerate this for one second and do not see him again.


6- Privacy Is Not a Priority – In the good old days if a woman had a problem with another woman friend, or she suspected her man was stepping out she would go to the source. A woman in this situation would contact the other woman or friend and talk it out. Now it is completely different; many women resort to attacking their enemy on social network for the entire world to see. Not a good look and not ladylike.


7- They Don’t Watch P’s & Q’s It is not uncommon to witness young women running their mouths. Years ago women were softly spoken and never swore. These days there are numerous women who swear like truck-drivers and they don’t seem to care. Women need to watch their P’s and Q’s if they want to attract a decent man. No decent man is attracted to women who curse like a sailor.


8- Housework is Not a Priority When people are busy they let the house work slide. Men often complain about this. Women who are stretched to the limit should ask their man for help. Most men will be happy to help out and some women are not aware of this. As for the guy a woman is dating, if he is a decent man, will not appreciate a messy or dirty home.


9- Bedroom Activities – In a relationship sometimes the romance and time spent in the bedroom will slow down, but when a woman constantly turns her man down when he asks for some loving, she is slowly nailing the coffin of her relationship or marriage shut. If she is dating the man, do not make the man wait forever for the cookie.


10- Give Compliments – This does not just apply to women actually, this applies to everyone. Society is so addicted to the bad and we forget about the good and complimenting people. Compliments are what men thrive on, they love to feel appreciated and admired. Woman should use this to their advantage. The more gratitude and compliments a woman gives her man, the more he is going to adore his woman.


To a woman reading this article, it might seem as though this is kind of discriminatory towards women. A woman reading this may leave with the impression that it is all her fault. Not in the least; men have a lot to learn about women too. This is about how it was fifty and sixty years ago when men and women dated. The idea of this article is to try to bring a little of that back into marriage, relationships and the dating arena. The problem with marriages failing and relationships ending in tears is the way we date and mate; it’s time this changed for the better.



  1. This article SUCKS ASS! Why? Because the world is sooooo complex, and for 50 years, Traditional Values do not apply, due to The Women’s Liberation Movement, The Sexual Revolution, Technology and Information, Inflation, The Cost of Living, Religious Failure, Dead Beat and Fucked Up Men, negative pregnancies, as a result, MEN and WOMEN hurting society as a whole, treating EACH-OTHER with DISRESPECT!
    Women also, are very Fucked Up Too, ALLOWING DISRESPECT of THEMSELVES, with the acceptance of all the above! Allowing The Bad Boys to be the dogs that they are, KNOWING, and MAKING USE of advantages by the way things are today? WOMEN accepting their negative treatment, for THE BAD BOYS keeping score, of dipping Their PRICKS into every women for that opportunity, and WOMEN ALLOWING this, just to get their LITTLE CUNTS TICKLED, satisfying their sexual pleasures leisurely, without any love involved, and both acting like dogs!
    Not all NICE GUYS are ASSHOLES, looking to do the same, with a different approach or agenda? SOME BEING AFRAID TO SPEAK THEIR MINDS or FEELINGS HAVING an AGENDA, NOT BEING COOL, on the surface KIND, but inwardly, REALLY UNKIND, just LOOKING for SOMETHING IN RETURN? On the whole, BAD BOYS + NICE GUYS are looking for the same things = DIFFERENT METHODS!
    WE WOMEN and MEN as HUMANS, could and should have fun being, BOTH BAD and NICE, but MAKING IT A POSITIVE ROLE in SOCIETY…
    It’s ALL ABOUT LOVE, HONOR, RESPECT, COMMUNICATION, and COMMITMENT for YOURSELF and OTHERS, whether you are a MAN or a WOMAN… However, not all, but many MEN and WOMEN are not MENTALLY CAPABLE, or even WANT anything to do with those concepts, and THEY DEMAND RESPECT? If you believe I should respect you for those negative ways of life, HEY DOGS, YOU’VE GOT THE WRONG DUDE!

  2. Women today will never ever be as good as the past, that is for sure. Most women back then were very old fashioned and very easy to meet at that time, and today unfortunately they’re just awful.


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