5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea and Lemon


Green tea has its origin in China and is considered the healthiest beverage. Green tea is made from unfermented leaves of Camellia Sinensis. During preparation, the leaves undergo minimal oxidation hence retaining valuable flavonoids. These are phytochemicals found in plants and which aide in fighting ailments. Additionally, when food is oxidized, polyphenols are released and they offer antioxidant protection. This is also improved by vitamins present in other citrus fruits and lemons. Green tea also contains high amounts of catechins. These are antioxidants that help in minimizing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. However, after digestion, minimal amounts of catechins remain in the body.

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Studies also show that frequent ingestion of green tea prevents certain cancer types and heart ailments. One way to deal with increased weight, diabetes and blood pressure is by consuming a cup of green tea each day. One is recommended to take green tea with lemon in order to benefit more from it. Additionally, tea and lemon tastes better than the drink from brewed leaves.

The effect of lemon tea.

The potency of green tea and lemon increases compared to consuming green tea alone. The effect of lemon enhances the health benefits. Vitamin C present in lemons helps in the absorption of healthy compounds in green tea. Recent studies have shown that lemons help in the absorption of 13% extra catechins found in green tea contrary to being consumed alone. Lemon with green tea benefits equals any super food. Some of the 5 benefits of drinking tea and lemon include:

Helps one to lose weight.

Caffeine and polyphenols found in green tea enhance oxidation of fat increasing the rate of metabolism by 4 percent. This only means that you digest fats quickly and burn extra calories. Green tea taken with lemon inhibits metabolism and enables an individual to shed weight steadily.

Minimizes the level of cholesterol in the body.

Recent research has shown that polyphenols present in green tea may inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the body and also eliminate it in the body. This effect minimizes overall cholesterol in the blood. An addition of lemon to green tea enhances antioxidant retention, hence boosting the ability of green tea to reduce cholesterol in the body.

Prevents and aides in fighting cancer.

The polyphenols in green tea have shown the ability to prevent the proliferation of tumor cells, protect against tumor development and tumor cell invasiveness. This is because polyphenols encourage the growth of healthy cells at every stage. This is beneficial in the prevention of cancer.

Acts as a source of nutrition for the brain.

Just like other parts of the body, the brain also needs proper nutrition. Individuals, who take green tea frequently, have enhanced brain activity. Another advantage of taking lemon and green tea is that it prevents the formation of plagues which can cause Alzheimer’s disease.

It is a form of antidepressant.

Drinking green tea slowly helps to avert stress and also essential in combating depression. Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea that aides in calming the nerves. It only takes a single cup to note the difference.


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Other benefits of taking green tea with lemon include: it helps in the maintenance of a healthy blood pressure. This is achieved with the help of green tea which enhances blood circulation and reduces cholesterol, hence beneficial in maintaining the recommended pressure of blood.

It also acts as a boon for people living with diabetes.

This is achieved through catechins present in green tea. Catechins help to stabilize the sugar levels in diabetics. Beverages rich in catechins are known to be beneficial to people who have diabetes type 2. Consumption of green tea and lemon for a period of three months increases the secretion of insulin significantly.


Green tea and lemon is also known to enhance iron in the body.

This is because lemon contains vitamin C which aides in the absorption of iron. However, green tea can prevent the availability of iron which is risky for individual’s deficient of iron. Therefore an addition of lemon to the green tea mitigates the loss of iron, making the beverage more beneficial to people with anemia.

It is now the time to stop taking coffee in the morning. Instead, consider drinking green tea with lemon for you to enjoy the above benefits.





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