John Wick 2014 Movie Review


John Wick is a thriller and action genre movie that takes movie definition to a whole new level. The movie takes about 100 minutes but you can be sure that it is worth every minute. Directed by Chad Stahelski, this movie combines the two genres to give you an outstanding performance. It was released on the 24th of October 2014.


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Keanu Reeves stars the main character as John Wick who takes the role of a mob hit man as the movie starts. This career line takes a turn after he falls in love with a gorgeous woman, Bridget, who he marries. During their marriage, everything is just fine until five years later when his wife passes on. Before she died, she left behind a dog to fill her vacancy so John does not feel too lonely. During his grief, someone tries to steal his car, a 1969 Mustang from his home. The theft became personal once the mob that tried to steal his car killed his dog. It is at this point that his quest for revenge brings back his old lifestyle.

He takes time to heal after the beat down he gets from the mob that kill his dog. After his recovery, he sets out to find out who it really was that was behind the attack. Keanu Reeves brings out the character of John Wick splendidly. He finds out that the person behind his attack is someone related to his former employer Viggo Tarasov. This angers him and he makes up his mind to revenge the action more so because they killedhis dog who was special to him.


From this point on, the movie becomes bloody and violent and the language is not your every day understanding of polite. You will also notice drug use on a few scenes. For this reason, it is rated R. Scenes of John taking out great numbers of individuals who think they can stand in his way as he seeks his revenge. Everything is right where it is meant to be and the producers Chad Stahelski and David Leitch have it all figured out. They have an experience as stunt men and they bring out every stunt in the movie at its very best. In this, the fights look so real and every stunt is as impressive as it can get. John Wick is now sinking in the life he once escaped.

The diversity in the movie is intense. It becomes a fight between the Russian mafia and John. While John is not out to stand out, the Russians at the top will defy the gangster look as you know it and turn up all dressed up like businesspersons. Not just with any type of suits but in the most expensive designer suits you can only wish you had. This however, does not prevent the action. When things get out of hand, they get down and dirty. John has not lost his touch despite abandoning his hit man lifestyle for a clean and safer one.


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