Top 10 Most Expensive Real Madrid Players


Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, better known as Real Madrid (or sometimes just FC Real) was founded in 1902 and gained its Real name (Spanish for royal) when it was bestowed upon the team by King Alfonso XIII in 1920. As the worlds richest soccer club it is not surprising that it is made up of some of the worlds most expensive soccer players, but just who are the most expensive Real Madrid players?

10. Whilst £30 million is more than most of us will earn in a lifetime, it is this figure which makes up the transfer fee of each the first three players in this list, first of which is Karim Benzema who transferred from Lyon, the team of the city he was born in, to FC Real in 2009. A talented striker, famed for his strength and power, he scored the lone goal in his first ever match for Real Madrid, immediately proving the worth of his six year contract with the team.


9. Next up is Xabi Alonso, who played for FC Real for five seasons between 2009 and 2014, having previously played for Liverpool. Whilst at Real FC the Spaniard won a number of honours, including a league title in 2012 as well as the Champion’s League in 2014.


8. The third player whose transfer cost £30 million was Luka Modrić, a Croatian player who joined the team from Tottenham Hotspur in 2012. Modrić played his first match for the team just two days after signing up, winning his first trophy as part of the team within just 36 hours. These days he is often paired up in midfield with Xabi Alonso to let the two players compliment each others skills.


7. Asier Illarmendi joined the team in 2013, signing a six-year contract for £34 million, the most that FC Real have ever paid for a Spanish player. Famed as a defensive midfielder, Illarmendi scored his first goal five months after his signing, and his first league goal two months after this.


6. Luís Figo, a Portuguese player who retired from the sport in 2009, is famous for being one of very few players who have played for both Real Madrid and their bitter rivals Barcelona, having transferred from the latter in 2000 for what was then a world record fee of £37 million.


5. Often considered one of the greatest and technically gifted of all time, it is not surprising that Zinedine Zidane is also one of the most expensive players, with a transfer fee of £46 million. The Frenchman transferred to FC Real from Juventus in 2001, and is often remembered for a famous match winning goal which he scored with his weaker foot.


4. Famed as much for his humanitarian work as his skills on the pitch, Ricardo Kaka is an attacking midfielder who joined Real Madrid in 2009 for £56 million. The fact that he was the first sportsperson in the world to get 10 million followers on twitter is a testament to his huge popularity, and despite leaving FC Real in 2013 he is still admired by fans of his former club.


3. James Rodríguez is the third most expensive Real Madrid player, having transferred from Monaco for a price of £63 million, making him the most expensive Columbian player of all time. Rodríguez is often described as one of the best young players, and is compared favourable with his compatriot Carlos Valderrama.


2. Christian Ronaldo is one of contemporary soccer’s most recognizable figures, and throughout his career he has earned a number of impressive awards, justifying the huge £80 million transfer fee FC Real paid for him. As one of most expensive real players it’s no surprise that he is also one of the best players out there.


1. The most expensive Real player is Gareth Bale, whose transfer fee was a huge £85.3 million, making him the world’s most expensive player. Bale transferred from Tottenham Hotspur in 2013 and is a formidable winger, often complimented for his fast speed. Despite being plagued by injuries for much of his early career at FC Real, Bale has started the recent season in the good form we would expect from one of the world’s most expensive soccer players.


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