Top 10 Most Important Hormones for Your Health


Hormones are very important in regulating the activities of the body and keeping us at stable state, otherwise known as Homeostasis. Essentially, our hormones keep us fit, regular, sleeping well and our personalities level. Here is a guide to the 10 most important Hormones for Your Health and body.


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10. Ghrelin

This is known as the hunger hormone and signals to the body when it is time to eat and consume food and is quite important in maintaining a healthy weight.


9. Serotonin

This is quite a famous hormone and its main function is to regulate the chemicals in the brain. It is known as the happy chemical as high levels of this can enhance well-being.


8. Insulin

This is mainly known as something which diabetics inject into themselves to keep their levels of blood sugar regular but the body also produces it as well. It is something which cells create so that glucose is transported in your bloodstream for energy use later on.


7. Peptide YY

This is a great appetite regulator as it is secreted into the stomach so that you feel full. This means that you are less likely to overeat and that you will eat the right amount of food, instead of going overboard and consuming too much so that you put on unnecessary weight.


6. Irisin

This is not a particularly well known hormone but it converts white fat cells into calorie and fat busting brown fat cells. It is released when an individual indulges in a burst of high-intensity exercise and is essential for making sure that calories are burnt during this period of physical activity so that a person can stay at a healthy weight.


5. Prolactin

The benefits of this hormone are restricted only to women as they are the ones who carry the most abundant levels of this. After childbirth, this hormone is released so that a woman is able to breastfeed, a process which can help them bond with their child and also give them vital nutrients.



This is the most abundant hormone in the human body and it is made by the adrenal gland, well known for encouraging the fight or flight response in people and getting them into a heightened sense of awareness. It can be converted by the body into hormones and can also lead to an increase in well-being as it is a well-known regulator.


3. Thyroid

This regulates the metabolism and can essentially decide whether someone is fat or thin, depending on how much of the hormone they produce. An under active thyroid can mean that a person is more susceptible to weight gain as their metabolism is sluggish and they cannot burn off calories as quick as most people. Conversely, if an individual is afflicted with a overactive thyroid then they burn off calories at an enhanced rate so this makes them more likely to become underweight and possibly be more vulnerable to diseases. Again the thyroid hormone is another important hormone.


2. Estrogen

This is the female equivalent of Testosterone and also has a pivotal role to play in helping safeguard people’s health and well-being. In some ways, it is perhaps even more crucial to a person’s health then testosterone as if someone is deficient in it or does not possess adequate levels of the hormone then they can suffer from anger, an imbalance in mood, decrease in the amount of sleep and even memory loss. However, if an individual possesses the required levels of this hormone there are a plethora of benefits including: increase in stamina, mood stabilization, increase in energy and a general increase in well-being. It is one of the more important hormones without doubt.


1. Testosterone

This is well-renowned as the major hormone for males, although females still require it to some degree. Males need this to balance their making love drive or libido and keep it at a good level so they are capable of having good relationship and all their organs are working perfectly. It also helps them and women to develop firm muscles and keep a good posture and take part in physical activity proficiently. The hormone has been proven to increase both hot fitness and also has some part to play in safeguarding women against breast cancer.


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