Amazing and Hottest girl Bull Ride Ever!


What young person doesn’t like to go out to bar with friends, have some drinks and just have fun in general? Dressed in tight jeans, a light t-shirt and filled with great drinks a young lady can sure have fun in bar, especially if it happens to have a mechanical bull.


Is drinking and riding a bull the craziest thing people have ever done? Certainly not this young lady as she take to bull riding in a rather provocative way. Not sure if she has had a little too much to drink or if all the women in the place like to ride bull the same way they ride their boyfriends, but she certainly advertises what she can do. It’s not really amazing that the hottest girl in the place is able to ride the bull this way, and she even manages to twist and turn in the process.

While this video runs for four minutes its funny to see that this amazing girl is able to stay on the mechanical bull in the condition that she is in. She evens manages to turn around at one point and rides the bull backwards. You can hear her friends in the background catcalling to her, as well as the guys in the background just stunned by this amazing girl. She definitely leaves a lot to the imagination as she continues to undulate her body all over the bull, hinting at what she can do.
When the ride is done she even dismounts, not in the most graceful way, but she does manage to get up and walk away on her own. At a different angle it would appear as if she landed on her face, perhaps she had a little too much go to her head while she was striding the bull. After watching this amazing girl ride bull, you will want to head to the closest bar that has a mechanical bull and wonder when the next show will start.



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