Floyd Mayweather Net Worth


Many boxing experts, sports writers, and boxing fans consider Floyd Mayweather to be one of the greatest boxers of all time. This popular notion comes from witnessing Mayweather winning world boxing titles in four different classes. Only five other boxers have been able to reach this milestone.

Floyd Mayweather’s career has carefully been guided by his Roger Mayweather. Roger Mayweather is a former world class fighter who has won titles during his illustrious career. Roger’s experience and wisdom helped his nephew become a legendary boxing star. His influence has also propelled Floyd to the point where he is now being considered an international celebrity by many popular entertainment magazines.


Floyd has a tremendous amount of hand speed, foot speed, and ring intelligence. His opponents have never been able to get past his famous “Peek-a-Boo” style of defense. A fighter of Floyd’s standards only comes around once in a decade. This is the primary reason why many boxing writers and fans have a deep appreciation for his accomplishments in the ring.


Net Worth is a term that has been associated with Floyd for many years. Floyd has accumulated millions of dollars throughout his entire career. It is amazing to see how his income continues to grow with each boxing match.

Floyd is a rich athlete who is not afraid to talk about his financial status. He has a celebrity net worth that makes other professional athletes jealous. It is not unusual to see Floyd wearing platinum watches, rings, and necklaces. He also has a fleet of luxury careers that would make any Rock-n-Roll star blush.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. presently has a net worth of $216 million dollars. This is outstanding when this figure is compared to the amount of money the average prize fighter makes during an entire career. Many prize fighters are unable to generate income that surpasses the five million dollar mark.


Floyd was able to secure a handsome payday against Mexican star Saul “Canello” Alvarez. The pay-per-view buys and his ring purse helped him take home close to $42 million dollars. This astronomical number made him one of the highest paid prize fighters within recent times.

Everyone is now anticipating a huge showdown to take place between Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio. Manny Pacquaio is another boxing sensation that has terrorized several weight classes within the last six to seven years.

The Pacquaio and Mayweather fight would generate an enormous amount of revenue. Many feel that this mega event would generate more revenue than any other fight in boxing history. This leaves many puzzled as to why both camps are not taking measures to make this fight take place. Some feel that Pacquaio’s relationship with Bob Arum is making Mayweather reluctant to fight him.


Floyd Mayweather is a supreme boxing talent that has astonished boxing experts, sports writers, and fans for many years. He is viewed as an international celebrity by many premiere entertainment magazines. He earns close to $50 million dollars for each fight. This makes him one of the highest paid professional athletes in recent times. Mayweather is a cultural icon that will always be remembered.





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