Girl Shows off Amazing Soccer Skills !


This year, the globe’s premier freestyle soccer tournament for both women and men, Red Bull Street Style, held its grand finale in the historic Pelourinho Square in Salvador, Brazil. There were an uncountable number of individuals in attendance, as only the best of the best from forty-four different countries battled against each other for the first place trophy.

Due to its simple rules, which consist of one ball, two players, and three minutes, this freestyle soccer tournament has always stood out from other similar tournaments. In the 2013 RBSS finale, which took place in Tokyo, Japan, Szymon Skalski won the men’s championship. This year, thanks to his discipline, which reflected in his three minute routine, Briton Andrew Henderson won his first Red Bull Street Style World Final title. A lot of people believe that the last 30 seconds of his routine helped him win the title, as what he did was innovative and impressed the judges a lot. But the men’s championship tournament didn’t cause as much commotion as the women’s tournament.


Yes, the women’s tournament this year was one-of-a-kind. The French woman Melody Donchet won the women’s title. Ever since she began her freestyle, the crowd began to go crazy for Ms. Donchet’s unique moves. Melody’s style was spectacular. The three minute freestyle had a ‘pop’ and ‘wow’ factor that set her apart from the other contestants that had been on the platform before her.

Ms. Donchet did a lot of tricks with her soles. The crowd was very entertained throughout her routine. Every few seconds she surprised everyone with a new move. A few moves she opted to undertake were innovative. Most of the things that she did in her routine were of extreme difficulty. Melody’s skills are beyond superb, which is the reason why she won the big prize this year at the Red Bull Street Style grand finale.



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