luxury life That Probably Only Happen In Dubai


Dubai has created a name for itself in outdoing herself especially when taking on the luxury life in Dubai. Dubai has a unique way of defining luxury and what it stands for. Living large is an understatement in Dubai. While touring Dubai, there are a number of unbelievable things you will notice and you can be guaranteed you may never see these things once you leave the boundaries of this country.

luxury life in Dubai - lion ride - Via
luxury life in Dubai – lion ride – Via

It holds world records for quite a number of unbelievable things that you could not imagine came to being a reality. Dubai has the largest man-made island, tallest building as well as a shopping mall that is not only gigantic but also state of the art. Talking of luxury, you should know that Dubai police force boasts of a fleet of luxury cars with the inclusion of a Bugatti Veyron.


Dubai Police Cars - Via
Dubai Police Cars – Via

Way to go. You must think that you have seen it all in the hotel industry with Five-Star treatment. Well, you can be sure to visit the only Seven-Star hotel not just in Dubai but in the world. Guess there will always be much more to top up on what you thought is the very best. It is only in Dubai that all that you thought is the best is not the best.

Dubai luxury Five star hotel - via
Dubai luxury Five star hotel – via

Everyday life also has its package of unbelievable things in Dubai. What would you say to watch someone drive by you with his or her co-driver as a tiger? Yes, it happens. You are probably used to seeing dogs hang their tongue out but Dubai is taking it to a whole new level with a touch of wildlife. Not only will you see tigers but also lions. Amazingly ferocious scenes are more common in Dubai. Watch your next door neighbor ride a lion without a care.

Dubai luxury life
Dubai luxury life – Via

Luxury life in Dubai is an outstanding feature and this is well defined by the vehicles driven in the country. How many times do you get to see traffic that is crowded by a fleet of Ferrari’s? It only happens in Dubai where luxury is not an option but a lifestyle to a larger population.



How much would you spend to purchase a phone? Due to the luxury life in Dubai, purchasing a cell phone that cannot equate to your entire life savings. Taking of finances, it is only in Dubai that you get to withdraw gold bars from an ATM machine.

luxury life in Dubai - most expensive cell phones
luxury life in Dubai – most expensive cell phones – Via


Dubai Gold ATM Machine – Via

You have not seen it all until you have played your tennis games on a court with wonderful view of the ocean. Yes, these are fields off the ground. Why crowd games when you can play at the comfort you deserve?

tennis court -
tennis court –


burj khalifa in dubai -
burj khalifa in dubai – via

The above activities and occurrences are not your ordinary day-to-day do or see kind of thing unless you reside in Dubai. Luxury as we know it comes at a cost and the Dubai population is not afraid to spend. Luxury is a more readily accepted lifestyle in Dubai that only a tourist would find it out of the ordinary.


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