8 Signs He’s Serious About Your Relationship


Everyone looks forward to making their relationships work in the long term. After dating for some time, you are hoping that it is heading in the right direction where he will finally pop the question. There have been numerous relationship tips and dating tips to help guide a relationship in the right direction. You will however want to know if they are yielding positive results. Men may not express themselves as women do so rather than waiting for a speech, you may observe your guy. Rather than keep guessing and waiting, there are some signs that you may look out for to tell you that he is serious about you.


© konradbak - Fotolia.com
© konradbak – Fotolia.com
1. He Introduces you to friends and family

An introduction to friends and family is a sign that he is heading for the next step with you. If you have been attending family events such as dinners, then you have reason to look forward. Meeting his inner circle friends is another great sign that he is serious about you.


2. He involves you in his activities

Taking on activities together is a good sign too. It is in this that he is trying to involve you in his favorite activities. What better way is there to better show interest and create a better understanding between partners? It is a clear sign he wants to be a part of you and you a part of him.


3. Requests for your opinion

Does your man seek your opinion when making some decisions? If yes, this means that he values what you have to say. This is a great sign that what makes him comfortable is the fact that you are comfortable in his activities too. How you feel is very important to him and it indicates that he is in the relationship in the long term.


4. Takes part in your activities even when it is not his comfort zone

Taking a man from his comfort zone is not an easy task. In this, one that willingly gets out of his comfort zone to make you comfortable is definitely one that is willing to compromise just for you. He is doing this not for himself but for you. In this, you can be sure that he is serious about you.



5. Calls even without a reason

Well, many a time’s people make a call when something needs to be done or when making a request. If your man finds it in him to call you without much to say, then he is a keeper. This indicates that he is thinking about you and he needs no reason to want to contact you.


© vgstudio - Fotolia.com
© vgstudio – Fotolia.com
6. He starts to confide in you

Men do not speak out much especially if the matter concerns him. But if he is serious about you, you will start to confide in you. This is a sign that he trusts you and that he is sure that he is secrets are safe with you in the long term. Many people will not tell of their secrets to anyone they are not sure about.


7. He is dependable

When you can count on your man despite the harsh situations in life, then you can be sure that he is serious about the relationship. It is human nature that during problems many will flee. If your man is there for you despite rough terrains, then you need not doubt him.


8. Makes effort to see you happy

If you notice that your man is going an extra mile to see you happy, then he cares a great deal about you. When you are low and he is not sure what the reason is but he concentrates on making you happy, then the relationship matters to him.


The above signs cannot be looked into after your first dating experience as you are just getting to know each other. Over a number of relationship dates, you should be able to notice one sign after another. Others may take a longer time to show these signs bu


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