Attack on Titans Season 2 – Release Dates and News


The new season of Attack on Titan (“Shingeki no Kyojin”) will introduce more of the action and drama that fans have enjoyed in the past. Production has already gone underway, which signals that the Attack on Titans season 2 development does have the green light. Many will be wanting to follow Attack On Titans Season 2 news to get a better idea of what to expect. This new season will take some departures from the last in the series. Fans will want to keep track of each episode to understand the plot twists. This already has the community buzzing about how the series will play out.


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The first aspect to note is that Attack On Titans Season 2 will actually be contained within a series of OVAs. These are short movies that will condense the plot in to smaller segments. These OVAs will undergo production through Wit Studio. This production company has been responsible for some of the most stunning art work that people have enjoyed in the past. The new season promises to deliver the same high quality and fluid animation that people have seen before. This will capture the imagination of long time fans and people that are simply new to the series.


For those that have been fans of the series for a while now, they will note that the first season itself actually ended back in September 2013. This has left fans waiting for a continuation for over a year now. But through reruns and discussions, there has been plenty of time for people to speculate on the series itself. Most will be watching to see how Attack On Titans season 2 adds to the basic story line as well. There have been a lot of characters emerge in the series, drawing in attention from many who want to get immersed in an expansive character drama.


Since Attack On Titans Season 2 will incorporate many of the same characters, the production company is bringing in a few of the same voice actors. This will provide for some continuity in the way that fans take in the anime. It will also help bring many of the characters to life, since the production team has hired some talented voice actors. The anime has been praised for its realism and unique story line elements. The two OVA films will be titled “Attack on Titan Part 1: Crimson Bow and Arrow” and “Attack on Titan Part 2: Wings of Freedom”.



For those familiar with the basic story, Attack On Titans season 2 will continue to follow three friends. They will join up with three branches of the military organization to combat the presence of the Titans. This will set the stage for a drama that will offer a distinctive take on science fiction and the broader anime genre. But it will also test the bonds of these friends and encourage them to take active steps for their home security. It will draw parallels to world events and will even introduce some novel political concepts. This is a primary reason why the anime series has captured the attention of many viewers out there.


This series will actually be based on the prequel manga, which was titled “Attack On Titan: No Regrets”. This proved to be a popular manga entry, bringing in a lot of support from fans. The new OVAs are scheduled to be released alongside the 15th and 16th volumes of the equally popular manga incarnation. Many fans are collecting the anime and manga series to compare them against one another. There are subtle differences, but they all add substance to the universe. Given the production time line for the new OVAs, fans may be able to expect them released in 2015.


Wit Studio has been relatively quiet about the release, but new details are emerging. The series will still be taking place roughly 2000 years from now, when humanity is facing an onslaught from a race of titans. This has created a monumental struggle between these rival factions for supremacy. Attack On Titan was an expected success upon its release in Japan. But a major surprise has been how successful the series has been in the West. It has seen widespread distribution among western countries, thanks to its unique appeal as well.



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