6 Tips to Remember for Healthier Coffee Drinking


Coffee is great for procuring energy through-out the day and there are many reports out that say coffee brings youth back, prevents strokes, keeps you active. How can coffee be even healthier as one of your major beverages during the day.

There are many ways to drink coffee and some of them are rich and delicious to plain old coffee in your pot in the morning. Here are five ways to lighten the way you take your coffee for a healthier alternative.

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© volff – Fotolia.com

Gourmet Variety Coffee

If you go to places to buy your coffee you can always trim down your order calorie wise with skim milk or 2 percent. These places are ready for this particular order and have alternative sweeteners and skim milk to mix your latte up just right.



Coffee to Go On The Road

You can take it black or use alternative sweeteners at most of the places you procure coffee. Low fat creamers are usually available and this cuts down on fat and is a healthier alternative for those seeking a better waist line. Black is the healthiest way to take coffee because it is in its purest form and sugar takes the health benefits away from a good cup of coffee. Alternative sweeteners such as Stevia are natural but the tests are still out on Stevia for actual health benefits so the advice is black is best even on the road.



Organic Blends

If you get organically grown coffee it cuts down on the problems that normal coffee processing brings to the table. There can be many chemicals in regular processed brands of coffee so if you buy organic make sure that the processing is organic as well as the growing process meaning no pesticides are used in the growing of the coffee. Many large producers of coffee have used these processes for years and the chemicals they use would surprise most people if they really knew.



The absolute healthiest way to brew coffee is with a brown paper filter. White filters have a bleaching process to become white so you basically are leaching out those chemicals when you brew your coffee. Brown paper filters are the healthiest filter you can purchase for your coffee. There is absolutely nothing used to make the filter white so you in essence are getting as natural as you can with brown paper filters.


© volff - Fotolia.com
© volff – Fotolia.com

Plastic Coffee Cups

While there are a good number of plastic cups out there that are pretty much safe. However, one must pay attention to the special warnings and considerations, which do go along with using them for drinking purposes and whatever else. They are indeed the cheapest cups around town to use for this and that. They are also far better than Styrofoam cups from an environmental perspective. Nonetheless, they still aren’t the very best of choices, and this is especially true if you are using them for your own personal drinking containers.


Plastic cups of all shapes, sizes, and what not are sold in massive quantities. The ones that are very flimsy, thin, and cheap should not be reused. This is because they are designed to be used once or twice and then thrown into the garbage. However, there are much thicker plastic ones, which are made to be washed and used a lot more. These kind of reusable plastic cups are the kinds that are usually found in people’s homes. Plastic is something that comes available in different grades. If you plan on washing and reusing a certain cup. Acrylic glasses are the best glasses to get. This is because they hold their shape numerous runs through one’s dishwasher a lot longer and they look classy.


If you are a coffee drinker. You don’t want to drink your hot coffee in plastic cups. The reason being that there is a chemical called bisphenol A that leaks from plastic cups into the drinks that they do contain. How much BPA is leaked from the plastic cup into the drink it has is dependent on the overall temperature of the drink itself. According to a test that did involve new and used polycarbonate drinking bottles.

These drinking bottles were exposed to very boiling hot water. The effects of this test did show that BPA was released 55 times more quickly. This increased release of BPA was still present, even after all of the hot liquid has been removed, and the bottles had been washed in a hot dishwasher. This only goes to prove that BPA continued to be hanging around, even after the content had been removed, and then the bottles were washed in a hot water dishwasher. So, by washing cups or bottle in a hot dishwasher, it something that can lead up to increased BPA content being released into cold drinks. BPA is an endocrine disruptor. It is the thing that does mimic what the body’s natural hormones do throughout the human body. BPA can affect reproduction and even brain development. It has also been known to promote hormonal issues and cancer. Therefore, this chemical is toxic, and not at all a natural or a good thing. So, with this said, do avoid getting coffee cups that are made out of plastic all together for this very reason.


Glass cups or jars are perfect for all around drinking safety and they don’t harm the environment like plasttic does. Some other types of coffee cups that are safe to use for drinking and that does promote good health are those of the ceramic or stainless steel variety. There is also tons of other non-BPA type of coffee cups that are very inch as safe and free of the ill effects of BPA.

Healthier Habits

If you have trouble sleeping it is best to stop your coffee consumption earlier in the day. That last cup of coffee at break time maybe keeping you up at night. Sleep is what heals the body so be sure to stop your coffee consumption early in the day unless you have to keep going later at night. It is best for your body and the healthiest way to have a coffee habit.


There are many studies on coffee and its natural antioxidants and health benefits are being proven every day in studies. Even more is known now than just a few years ago about coffee. You can add flavors to your coffee instead of sugar to make it healthier.

The flavors are delicious and can help you as you go down to having coffee in its purest form which is black. Espresso is a delicious form of coffee but it is not the healthiest way to drink coffee because of the steaming process there is no filter to filter out the dipertines which are not healthy for the body.


You can add natural flavors to organic coffee such as vanilla or cinnamon. Cinnamon has great health benefits in itself which help blood sugar tremendously. This is a great way to change up your coffee habit for a different flavor. The real taste of coffee comes through if you take it black but flavors enhance the taste as well.


You can also make your coffee healthier by getting whole bean and grinding it yourself. This is a much healthier alternative because the process of grinding coffee in factories uses many chemicals. By the time your coffee gets to you ground and packaged it has been through several chemical processes. So if you really want the healthiest alternatives grinding your own beans is a number one way to drink your coffee.


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