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Jordan Belfort is an entrepreneur who has become famous over the years thanks to his actions within the stock and shares industry. He is known for being a multi millionaire through techniques that were often illegal and put others out of pocket, and was worth $100 million before he lost it all. He also went to prison for a number of years but has now come out and is leading a new life which is free of crime. He has become famous in recent times, thanks to a film that was made about him. In this article we’ll take a look at the man and we will outline his net worth. We shall also look at what he is up to nowadays and how hee spends his time, as well as his money.

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Belfort was born in the Bronx in New York City and spent many of his early years learning to make money as an entrepreneur. He would sell all sorts of things at the beach, such as ice lollies and bagels, so as to make money and eventually get a place in college. After finding out that college was not for him, he started selling meat from the back of trucks and eventually landed a job on Wall Street connecting stockbrokers to each other via direct calls. He slowly worked his way up after working in several different companies and eventually started his own business. The technique that he used to generate such large income was to do with persuading investors to put money into companies which Belfort and his associates had also put money into. This would make the shares of the company rise, but then Belfort and his associates would buy out, meaning that the company would lose lots of money and all the investors would also lose money.


What followed was a life of luxury and sin, as Belfort started making over $600,000 a week. He invested in a yacht and went on cruises before he sank the boat in the Mediterranean. He would also organize lavish parties for himself and his workers which involved prostitutes and other forms of X-rated entertainment. He also became heavily addicted to alcohol and drugs and began to lose complete control of his life style. Eventually he was jailed for several years for committing crimes that involved tricking people out of their money. When he finished in jail it was declared that he had to pay back over $100 million to people that he had cheated out of money. He now has to pay 50% of everything he earns back to those individuals.


In recent times a blockbuster movie was created that depicted Belfort and his lifestyle. This film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort and is co-produced by Martin Scorsese. The film is up for several Oscar nominations and has reportedly earned Belfort $2 million. The film shows the crazy lifestyle that Belfort carried out when he was in the midst of his success. However, it does not depict the lifestyle that Belfort now leads. Today he lives in a modest suburb in Los Angles and gives motivational speeches to other individuals. The speeches earn him $30,000 each which is a lot, but still not as much as the amount he was making in his heyday.


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