Brave woman in Killer Karaoke Tv Show on Walk of Fear


The Walk of Fear on the funny show Killer Karaoke is a walkway that contestants have to navigate in bare feet while still continuing to sing. It is based on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and it consists of six holes that are covered at the beginning of the round. These covers have stars on them that represent the stars on the Walk of Fame. The presenter warns the contestants before they start that the holes contain things that they would not want to walk in.


The brave contestant in this case is called Nicole and she is singing Fever. Before the round begins she appears quite excited and jumps up and down as the audience cheers her on. She manages to walk through the first three holes with hardly any problems although there is a small amount of screaming. The first three holes contain fish guts, maggots and ice water. Most of the screaming is for the fish guts and maggots.

Things start to go downhill for Nicole when the fourth hole is opened which contains stink beetles. By this time she is definitely doing more screaming than singing and this continues when the fifth hole is opened and biting lizards are uncovered. She manages to walk through both these holes which leaves her with one final challenge. The audience gasps as the last hole is uncovered and an alligator is revealed. It is at this point that Nicole decides she has had enough and jumps off the walkway, ending the round.

After Nicole has left the walkway the presenter jokes with her that he doesn’t know how good a singer she is but that she can definitely scream. When asked what her favorite part of the Walk of Fear was she replied the ice water. This did not come as much of a surprise to the audience or the presenter who commented that she was probably glad of the chance to wash the maggots off her feet.


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