Top 5 Signs It’s Time To Break Up


Relationships between men and women are an important part of life. Men and women need relationships in order to find companionship, friendship, marriage, physical attraction fulfillment and to have children.Unions that are formed between two people also provides them with emotional, social and financial support. When a couple experiences a good relationship they are happier and successful and they also have a more positive outlook in life. Unfortunately, the good times that a couple experiences together does not always last forever.

It is a known fact that only 50% of all married people manage to stay together without divorcing. When it comes to dating (being boyfriend and girlfriend) about 35% of all couples are able to move on to the engagement stage before getting married. The truth is that the odds are against most people lasting together for a lifetime.

Since relationships between men and women are extremely fragile there are some steps that people can take in order to keep their bond moving in the right direction. One of the most important things that two people must know in a relationship is to understand the top 5 signs its time to break up. Having this knowledge will help many couples to avoid breaking apart if both parties are willing to work at the relationship in order to keep it in tact.


© Sergey Nivens -
© Sergey Nivens –

1. Arguing all the Time

Couples that argue and bicker all the time are engaging in this behavior because something is wrong. When two people first come together and they really like the other person that they are with; they usually do not argue and fight. As a matter of fact they try to accommodate their partner and listen to their point of view. Even if their partner is dead wrong about an issue the other person typically offers the person of their affection forgiveness and give them some chances in order to mess up. This type of behavior is the result of two people being so enamored with each other that they often over look the other person faults.

Most people call this the honeymoon phase of a relationship and it typically lasts for about 2-3 years. However, a day will come when a couple who has been together for some time will begin to have a difference of opinion on many issues. Also, after being with a person for an extended period of time, people tend to become more vocal and comfortable with telling their partners about their shortcomings and what they need to change about themselves.

All couples will eventually argue. They need to make sure that these interactions are beneficial to their union.Couples that can figure out good ways to argue and fight (since they can’t be avoided) will stand a stronger chance of staying together instead of breaking up.

2. Financial Matters

While it is true that money is not everything it is also true that money is an important part of a relationship. People who have very little money can find love but they will also have to deal with the extra strain on their union because they lack funds. When couples first get together they tend to go out to public places where they are required to pay a fee in order to get know each other. People can get to know each other without going to the movies or out to eat but eventually they will want to go to some pubic destination in order to have a good time.

When a woman firsts meets a man and she is really attracted to him she probably will not care if he does not have a lot of money. Unfortunately, this will probably change. The reason why her attitude about this will change is because a woman instinctively understands that a man is responsible for providing for her needs. Even if she works and has her own money she still wants a man to give her what she needs materially.

Couples who constantly fight over money are probably going to encounter a time to breakup. Keep in mind that relationships can survive long periods of time without money being an issue but this will eventually change as people mature or as their financial needs increase. In many instances a couple will want more money to purchase a house, buy nice things, travel and to buy the latest gadgets or visit nice restaurants. Couples who are good at managing their finances probably will not split up over money. Relationship partners who are are always fussing about their dollars probably will break up.

3.Outgrowing your Partner

People go through breakups in their relationship when they start to think differently than their partners. It’s a known fact that people mature over time and this process is also true for people inside of relationships. Some things that a person liked about their partners years ago might seemed tired, boring or irrelevant to them today. Again, when a couple first come together they are more willing to put with a person’s weakness, shortcomings and flaws. Couples who are able to make room for their partner to change or mature will probably stand a better chance of staying together. Individuals in relationships who are not that willing to wait around for their partners to become the person that they want them to be will probably end their relationship.


© Gina Sanders -
© Gina Sanders –

4. Appearance and Couples relationship

People who are involved inside of a relationship want a partner that is physically appealing to them and they also wants to make love. This is a natural part of men and women being together. Couples desire their mates to look attractive for physical attraction and social reasons. Being involved inside of a relationship with an attractive person is a sign of status and it shows the world that a person matters. Also couples enjoy having lovely moments each other because they realize that sooner or later the desire for making love is going to come up and when it does they will turn to their partner to fulfill this need.

Couples who started off being attractive drawn to their partners could change their attitude about them over time. It’s a known fact that as people age many of them gain weight and change. A man could marry a hot female and years later realize that she no longer wants to keep up her appearance. Females can say the same thing about handsome guys who develop a beer belly and a bald head over the years. Couples who also start off making lots of love in the beginning of their union will eventually slow the relationship process down. Sometimes it stops all together. Once this happens people in relationships will probably look for have fun elsewhere and when they do it will probably end the relationship.

5. Lost of Respect and Trust

Generally speaking, when a couple first starts off their relationship together they automatically trust and respect each other. However, over time they stop honoring their partner if they are constantly doing things to harm their union. Respect and trust are very fragile things and some people naturally put down their partners simply because that is how they think. Also, some people violate the trust that they have between their partners because they are usually self centered individuals. Ultimately, when two people stop trusting and respecting one another they will eventually end their relationship. This is usually what happens in a bad marriage. People who understand how these 5 dynamics can ruin their relationship should figure out practical ways to avoid them if they want to keep their relationship in tact and make their union last a lifetime.



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