Man With Longest Tongue In The World!


today we introduce you one of world’s longest tongue man , 3.8 inches is the length of the longest tongue in the world . This record is held by Stephen Taylor a Briton. Stephen first came into the limelight in 2009 after he broke the record. What is amazing about his tongue is that it has grown 0.2 inches or 0.5cm. Therefore it is right to say that Stephen Taylor can give Gene Simmons a run for his money. Since his high school days, Stephen admits that he knew that his tongue was longer than most people. What’s baffling even to scientist is the fact that scientist are unable to explain this amazing phenomena on why his tongue keeps on lengthening.

Credit : Afanasiev
Credit : Afanasiev

The extra long tongue has brought him fame even giving a ten second kiss with renowned actress Brigitte Nielsen in front of an Italian live audience. Guinness adjudicators measured the tongue from the middle of the top lip to the tip of the tongue. The average length of a tongue measured from lips is 0.78. His tongue made headlines all over the world after his girlfriend submitted a photograph of his tongue to a talk show in early 2002. This is where Guinness officials show the programmed and were amazed by the length of his tongue. Also There’s other man in world with longest tongue , his name is Nick Afanasiev with  9-centimeter (3.54 inches)  long tongue , He’s Russian American born in Russia and moved to us when he was seven years old . He acting in movie and he was cast of TV episode also couple TV Commercial . He do unbelievable trick with his tongue like stretched up to his eye ! licking his elbow and OMG he can even twist his tongue !



The previous holder of the world record was a German school girl called Annika Irmler who sparked into the limelight in 2001 and had a tongue length of 2.76 inches long. Stephen thinks that his tongue keeps on growing because of all the TV shows he has been to where he has been sticking it out. He actually believes that he reaches 10cm with a push but it’s a bit painful to him. You can catch Stephen stretching his amazing tongue in Coventry, England and is a teaching graduate. Gene Simmons once said that Taylor’s tongue put him into the shadows quite early.


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