Boxer Puppies and Baby Best Friends For Ever !


What do you think is cuter than babies or puppies? How about an adorable baby boy who has two adorable boxer brindle puppies crawling all over him? Yes, without a doubt.

Credit : / Donna Leavitt
Credit : / Donna Leavitt

The baby boy, who is sitting on the ground in his blue and white striped shirt and blue jeans, is definitely enjoying the affection and love that the two boxer puppies give as they crawl all over him. It’s easy to see that the feeling is mutual with the boxer puppies’ short tails wagging quickly and steadily. The three have definitely made an apparent and immediate friendship.
While one of the boxer pups is not as active as it sniffs the baby and lies by his side, the other, more active boxer pup can’t get enough. The puppy crawls all over the boy, sniffing his face, and even licking the baby with his small pink tongue. But, wait. Rut-roe! The active brindle pup seems to get a little too close, and it begins to back away thinking “Oh, no. I promise I won’t taste good.” It’s so funny that it is hard not to laugh out loud.



Soon after leaving the baby’s side, though, the boxer puppy realizes that the boy’s love is just too good to leave behind. The puppy crawl back on top of the boy for more and licks his face and mouth. You can see from the baby’s smile that he is glad his friend didn’t leave him for good. Now, that’s true love and a true relationship.
This is the type of video that should be featured on a episode of Animal Planet’s “Too Cute” because, well, this is just too cute. Ultimately, it looks like this is a match made in baby and puppy heaven with many more slobbery kisses and smiles to come. After all, they are the three best friends that any one could have.


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