Watch Around the World in 360° Degrees With Amazing 3 Years Selfie


Selfies are now becoming a popular part of modern culture. The concept is simple but it is also powerful and has developed into a trend that has spread around the world, and is now being used in many creative ways. A selfie is the simple act of taking an image of yourself either alone or with other people in different environments.

Photo Credit : /   Alex Chacon
Photo Credit : /Alex Chacon

In this video an explorer travels around the world taking selfies of himself and his surroundings. This YouTube video shows the individual and his 360° experience around the world via motorbikes which he travelled on, as well as the special selfie camera which he used to take the images with. The 360° technique allows the viewer to see the complete surroundings of the individual as they travel to a wide selection of beautiful different places.


There is also a lot of action in the selfie and in some shots you can see the individual snowboarding down the mountain or feeding an elephant, whilst taking the selfie. There is a great deal of culture that has been crammed into the video and one can witness many beautiful scenes with a wide variety of architecture. The great thing about this video is that the viewer will get to see intimate selfies of the world from the comfort of their own home. At one point in the video the viewer may be looking at a scene from Columbia, and at the next moment they will be whisked away to a completely different location, such as Thailand. The scenery and the views are really awesome in this video and the more you watch it the more you notice new things. Some of the footage is slightly low in quality and this is due to various factors such as bad weather and hard winds. However, the video is very well-made and can be watched over and over again in an enjoyable fashion.


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