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In our society, there are many issuses that affect teens. Fashion is something that teens use to look fit in which makes them struggle in their everyday life. We find brands to be something that will make us look ” Classy”.It’s a human nature that we all wants change in our life with the passage of time. We all like fashion and style. It’s not a women who likes follows fashionbut today men are also very concious about their looks, dressing,style and also about their make over.

If we want to move in this society ,we have to follow some fashion rules because it’s today needs. If we don’t follow then people think we are uneducated, we don’t have any sense about fashion. we are dumb and don’t know anything about fashion. we don’t don’t have right to movie in this society so called Fashion World . Fashion has gone through changes in everywhere but especially in in women’s fashion. They are very conscious about their hair styles, body decorating , dresses and artificial means. We all having complex personality just because of fashion because we all wants to look more beautiful then others and we wants to look more younger than our age.


Most fashion shows give us the opportunity to see what’s in and what’s not but then chain-stores and mass retailers adapt their ideas for the man and woman in the street. Young people enjoy the diversity and change in their looks, their outfits and they have to play the key role to fashion industry. It’s a human nature to look smart and be appreciated by the social circle of one’s own. As we all know fashion can be difficult to follow. In an industry where one color,fabric or pattern can be insanely hot one minute and totally out the next,there’s no doubt that keeping up is no easy task.


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