3 Ways to Prevent Littering City


Litter does not just spoil a places image and attraction it also poses health risks. It is, therefore, paramount to maintain a high level of sanitation in our cities. This may sound like a daunting task, but nothing is impossible all that is required are good measures.

Although it is a brilliant idea, It is hard to collect litter all over the city by yourself the best solution is to prevent the scattering in the first place. Here are ways to prevent littering our city :


This is the first great step to ending this menace. You could start by harmonizing community pickups and make it fun; it is a great motivation to the community members if the well-known leaders and business owners initiate the process. It may seem difficult to clean up the city as a whole so it is advisable to divide it into smaller sections and after cleaning mark the area litter free and select representatives to manage the area, go ahead to other sections and this makes it easier. Don’t forget to clean waterways, storm drains and remove the cigarette handles.


It important to create awareness of how litter affects their lives in terms of health, property values, surroundings, flora and fauna and clean-up costs among others. You could use the following ways to educate the community

  • Begin a school to educate litter lout.
  • Create awareness campaigns warning citizens that after a given time frame, strict enforcement of litter laws.
  • Put in place trash cans and recycle bins every after about 30 feet and make sure they are often emptied and clean this gives no room for littering.
  • Assign pick up jobs to individuals such as the homeless or jobless
  • Start recycling and making art out of the collected litter.


It is paramount to take it upon ourselves to reduce litter, for instance, we could produce more reusable items such as water bottles and cups. This will work into reducing the overall trash in our bins making it easier to empty and clean up. Keeping and maintaining the overall cleanliness of our city is everyone’s responsibility but it is easier when we engage in the activity with fun and humor other than by force.



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