A Good Friend Is An Hilarious Friend


I have always loved a good scary movie, but I am picky. Being a paranormal investigator, I can usually tell a hoax, and I don’t appreciate it when people try to pass off just that as the real thing. However, two young friends from Czechoslovakia, Erik and Cenek, also known as the Viral Brothers, have done something a lot can’t do; just for a moment, for a split second, they actually scared me. They did it with the best, most epic prank that I have seen in a long time. Usually on You Tube it’s difficult to even watch a video someone has posted because it’s either too grainy or of poor quality, or even worse. This one was very clear, and, of course, that only made the scare all the more better.


Erik and Cenek definitely have it down pretty good. Driving down a lonely dark road, cameras on and running in the car, and the “victim” is completely in the frame. We get to see (thanks to Cenek pointing them out) two figures in long white gowns, both with the same long black hair that seems to be part of a lot of horror movies lately, and then both guys are moving down the road. Complete darkness all around the car, Cenek says he needs to relieve himself, and is soon out of the car and standing off to the side, to do just that. Suddenly he is running back to the car, obviously frightened and racing to get away. Of course, Erik is very tired, so he doesn’t really get into this.

Until , This classic figure in front of their car is suddenly right there when the lights come back on. Both men are very scared. Suddenly the figure falls below the line of sight, Cenet is screaming and Erik looks like he wants to. But the best is still waiting.

Suddenly, the middle of the back seat opens and that same figure is coming through. No, exploding through, grabs Erik, and the screaming, yelling and growling all come together perfectly. Watching as Erik fights for his breath while his friend Cenet starts to laugh, you kind of feel sorry for him, because he is genuinely scared, So was I. But just for a moment, a split second. And it was awesome.


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