Marvelous Idea Behind The Scene of a Asian Movie


Movies nowadays have become an integral part of our life. People in ancient days, before the invention of any language in particular, used to describe their emotions through portrayals. Those pictorial messages were then replaced by words, written and spoken. Hence there was a name given to every single message they delivered through images, which came from the creativity of the perception of the people of that era.

Alfred Hitchcock once said: “Ideas come from anything.”


Somehow we are following the same trail of our ancestors, as we are fond of delivering a message in the form of a movie. For every situation, there will be a movie. If there is some political instability, make a movie. Disaster? huh! Who cares, watch a movie, there will be some moral of the story you can observe and learn at the end. Suffering? A movie can make you cry and make you realize how insane this world has become to live in. Relationship? Believe me, nothing better can come out from anywhere but movie, the best place to get your advice from, on how to manage or even mismanage your relationships.

This funny movie, particularly, shot in China (assumption made on the outlook and the language used), has shown its profound grip on its capability of utilizing the resources at its best. From the audience point of view, all they experience would be, a moving cart with a lady in it, jabbering casually with her fellow companions and a funny moment. On the other hand, well concealed behind the scene, but peculiarly displayed the real trees around the cart in the hands of the kinetic men, camouflaged in the background.

“Smart people always choose comfort over luxury” –
Celso Cukierkorn.

Such a marvelous idea behind the scene of this Asian movie of saving time, finance, handling and descending of technical issues and still managing to cultivate the best out of scrap, portrays the perspicaciousness of that brain used behind all the efforts done. Only this sort of a brain knows how to convert hard work into efficient From soup to nuts, one can observe the hold of China in every market. Refraining the durability, that China offers, still has managed to play a vital role in our daily routine. Massive supply for every demand and the cost effective products have ascendancy over the expensive and exorbitant commodities, which well encapsulates;




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