10 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Chewing Everything


Dogs can at times engage themselves in chewing things that they should not be eating. As the dog owner, you can, however, apply some skills through which you can stop your dog from chewing everything. Your pet may at sometimes find something that it would consider eating. This may nonetheless not be appropriate for their eating. It is mainly the puppy that commonly eats objects that they are not supposed to be eating. For instance, it may be found chewing on a shoe, sock or furniture because it is having fun, it is looking for comfort or is just chewing on it as it makes a good chew. Since it is still young, it is considered a learning dog and is thus able to master the things that it should eat and those that it should not.


© Mat Hayward - Fotolia.com
© Mat Hayward – Fotolia.com

Some of these major steps that can help dogs stop chewing everything include:

• Keeping these items that they should not be chewing out of their reach: These include shoes and other items that they are likely to chew on at a place that is too high for their reach.

• Obtain a product that acts as a disincentive: Usually this is a spray that deters the dog. It can be obtained from a vet or pet store that is reputable. A good example of this is the bitter apple spray. It bears a scent that people cannot pick, although dogs usually can. It disgusts dogs, and when a puppy chews on an inappropriate item like a shoe, it will not like it and will thus stop.

• Consistently spray the deterrent products: Once you notice that the scent has faded away, you should spray some more. To achieve the correct results, every part of the item such as the shoe should be covered. They include the bottom and the inside. After keeping this habit for a while, your puppy will stop chewing the shoe.

• Keep the puppy distracted as much as possible: Each time that you observe your puppy chewing inappropriate objects, call him, or her. Wave a different toy such as chew rope, rubber rope or items that are likely to entice him to distract him or her.

• Purchase some fun toys: The right treatment of your puppy with a basket full of toys will provide an alternative focus besides shoes.

• Obtains some bones for him or her to chew: You can find some special bones on which the puppy can chew in pet stores. You can seek advice on what is appropriate for them. You should give him or her items to chew as an alternative.

• Take walks that help bust energy: Outdoor walks with the puppy should be done as often as possible. He or she is able to run and tumble. It will make the puppy tired in a light way and thus act as an appropriate distraction activity.

• Correct the dog: When you discover the dog chewing on a shoe, for instance, do not grab it from him or her. This may include pulling the dog away from the object. You can correct it using a light touch on the neck or hindquarters. This takes the attention of your dog away from the object.

• Reclaim the object: You can communicate using body language or energy to indicate to the dog that the object belongs to you. This helps in the creation of imaginary boundaries around your objects and yourself.

• Remain calm: It is the most important step when you come across your dog chewing on an object that can be easily destroyed by the act. It will not be simple to achieve anything by letting out your anger on the dog. Instead, it can cause an imbalance on the dog leading him or her to search for another object to chew.

The involvement of a dog in chewing everything leads them to eat even the things that they are not supposed to. This may be extremely risky to their health since, at times, they are likely to eat items that pose a great deal of health problems to their health. These may even be fatal. As such, you may consider following the aforementioned tips to avoid some of these risks to the life of your dog.


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