25 Cool Gift Ideas For Mom


It can be quite tasking to walk around every mall trying to get a perfect gift for your mum. Picking out a gift that you think is suitable for your mum or a mom icon to you can get a little devastating. Whether it is a first time mom or your elderly mom, the following range of gift ideas can come in quite handy. Right from the simple ideas to one of the most expensive are provided. Bottom line is that the thought counts and not how much you choose to spend on it.

These gifts may be given during special occasions such as mother’s day or you could just buy a unique gift for your mom on any other date that the two of you share a memory together. Let us take a look at a few gift ideas.

© Tyler Olson - Fotolia.com
© Tyler Olson – Fotolia.com


1. A trinity wooden wrist cuff
This is a nice piece of ornament that will always remind you of a given day. It can be bought to match a given outfit which means it comes in different designs and color combinations. The pricing goes for about $45.


2. A horseshoe heart trivet
This is a symbol of good luck and love. It is one of the best gifts that will always be by her side. It acts as a constant reminder of the love shared between you and your mother. Price range, about $50.


3. An aquamarine branch ring
This is a fine piece of jewelry that can be worn all the time. Its crystal appearance is a state of the art and it will be a symbol of a long life relationship just as mother and daughter blood relations. Goes for about $70.


© WimCIA1978 - Fotolia.com
© WimCIA1978 – Fotolia.com

4. Tipsy wine glasses
Just like a mother and daughter relationship, a set of wine glasses signifies the joyful times together. Depending on quality of the wine glasses and the number to choose to buy, they range between $25 – $48.


5. Link of love necklace
This necklace acts as a symbol of the love shared between moms. It is a simple but significant and unique gift for mom. It goes for about $52.


6. Butterfly set
This is a collection of stuffed butterflies. Its beauty provides the best gift for moms and it will always act as a treasure. Price range, $135.


© Gstudio Group - Fotolia.com
© Gstudio Group – Fotolia.com

7. A wooden cook book stand
All mothers are known for their specialties when it comes to cooking. A cook book stand is meant to boost their creativity in trying out new cooking ideas. Its all about appreciating your moms provision of feeding you. Goes for $150.


8. A molten sculptural bowl
The idea behind this gift is the promotion of the aspect of creativity for all moms. It hold memories that only a mother and daughter can relate to. It goes for about $135.


9. Astral wall hangings
This serve a purpose of beauty. They cost about $80 for a set of three all of which are in different sizes.


© bahadirozbey - Fotolia.com
© bahadirozbey – Fotolia.com

10. A what I love about my mom by me book
These book can hold all the good memories that you hold and act as a reminder for your mom. She may have thought you took them for granted but knowing that you appreciate her is more valuable than anything. Goes for $10.


11. Hand curved soap flowers
This add beauty around your mums surrounding with the memory of you. This goes for about $20.


12. A nest egg necklace
Appreciating the first person you set your eyes on can be quite charming. Its acts as a symbol of the first moments you shared. Its price range goes for about $68 – $74.


© Gstudio Group - Fotolia.com
© Gstudio Group – Fotolia.com

13. Mother nestling birds necklace
This is another reminder of you and your mom gift that recognizes your mom’s role as a mother. Depending on how many nestlings, it ranges between $70- $79.


14. Birdie yarn bowl
If your mum knits, this is the best gift idea for her. It will always hold her yarn together,. It goes for $49.


15. A pedestal jewelry holder
Jewelry is every woman’s asset. Getting a jewelry holder will help your mom keep her jewelry in order thanks to you. Price: $45.


© WimCIA1978 - Fotolia.com
© WimCIA1978 – Fotolia.com

16. A row boat salad bowl with wooden serving spoons
Moms and cooking can barely be separated. To go well with her salad bowl, this gift is the best match. It goes for $65.


17. An anniversary journal
Every mom shares some special moments with their children. A journal for this will always act as a constant reminder for all the memories. Goes for $85.


18. Musical wine glasses
A set of two major scale musical glasses are a unique gift for mom. They serve the purpose of entertainment and usage as they can still serve as wine glasses. Price: $65.


© snowflake_design - Fotolia.com
© snowflake_design – Fotolia.com

19. An up cycled cotton sari robe
If you are thinking of adding something to her wardrobe, this gift is ideal for all time memories. It goes for about $58.


20. A caterpillar vase
Just for about $20, you will find this ideal gift for your mom which will serve the purpose of holding fresh flowers.


21. Agate night lights
Coming in different color shades, these lights are a gift to stay for your mom. They go for the price of $42.


© Africa Studio - Fotolia.com
© Africa Studio – Fotolia.com

22. A bunch of flowers
Flowers always have a way of brightening one’s day. A bunch of fresh flowers delivered to your mom for mother’s day is definitely s simple but unique gift. The price on this will be determined by the type of flowers picked and the size of the bunch.


23. A set of china
Mothers always look at their utensils and the best gift would be a set of unique china. This depending on your taste will range between $70- $85.


24. A set of earrings with the words “great mom”
Adding to your mom’s beauty, you have the option of buying a nice set of earrings branding her the best mom. This may go for about $10.


25. A day out at the spa
What more could you wish for other than caring for your mom’s physical benefits. A day out at the spa will rejuvenate her living her full of energy to carry out her motherly role without tire. Prices will differ depending on the package you subscribe for her.


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