Mom and Son Surprises the Bride With Their Wedding Dance Performance


Weddings are the only occasions where everyone tries to please the couple either by giving gifts or by performing a surprise wedding dance on the floor. It is the time when not only two people, but the two families are going to start a new kind of journey so they try to take a fresh and memorable start by gathering different pleasing and inspiring memories in photographs of wedding albums.

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Trend of Wedding Dances in the Society:
The trend of wedding dances is there from many years. Pick any country, and you will be astonished with wonder that wedding dances are the essential part of the ceremony and it is very rarely missed in a wedding ceremony. Different people have their own priorities towards wedding dances like some people go traditional and tell the bride, or bridegroom, about the cultural values of their family and make her/him feel at ease.

But as the world has moved to the next level of modernism and fashionable trends, many wedding ceremonies can be seen where attendees and hosts have given an unusual performance in the wedding ceremony. You will see so many funny yet entertaining clips on different video sharing and social sites where people, very proudly, uploads their interesting yet inspiring wedding dance clips as they are trying to share the best wedding dance moments with those friends and relatives that couldn’t make it to attend the function and by this, they not only catch up with them but also enjoy the same emotion that the up-loader, most probably bride or bridegroom, wants to share with them.

Hilarious Mom and Son Dance Performance:
As the addition in ‘surprise wedding dances’ video collection, the video, which has been shared with you, is just as awesome as a surprise wedding dance video should be. The groom and his mother plan to surprise all the guests and, most importantly, the bride weren’t expecting something like that in that formally organized function at all.
Both, son and mother start their dance performance in a rather formal dance style and rest of the people appreciates them with a supporting behavior but with almost no energy. They just move and dance as much as they can in best way to convince people that this is just another formal wedding dance for the bride but then when everyone can be seen pretty convince with their attempt, they leave all of them with jaws open and in a state of wonder then music changes to a fast track song.

Basically, mom and son dances on a mesh up of songs containing 6 to 7 soundtracks that have totally different genre and dance moves and this is the thing that makes the viewer shout with excitement.
People were seen standing with low energy holding a glass of vine and the bride was busy discussing something with her bridesmaid when the music changes and son and his mom show them some exciting moves in their wedding dance performance. The whole floor shout with applaud and cheer them up when the mom and son dancing on the floor.


Everyone enjoys their beautiful moves and the chemistry they create while they dance on different soundtracks. Both of them dance with such a great energy and body expressions that some of the guests start moving their shoulder with them as if they wanted to dance with them but do not want to disturb their solo performance. A photographer runs to them and captures their photos while they move their shoulders on the beat leaving all her priorities and guests behind just to cover that epic moment they were enjoying in the wedding.


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