Top 3 Safety Tips For Women and Girls


As a female, have you ever been intimidated or frightened when walking alone? Have you ever wondered how you can protect yourself if approached by an attacker? The sad reality is that violence has increased in our society and fear of crime is ever present.



Everyone is concerned about personal safety, especially females. . The demand they saw for safety information convinced them to write a book for personal defense . In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 3 safety tips for women and girls.


1. Know your right to fight

It’s important to understand that you have the right to defend yourself physically regardless of your age or physical condition. Unfortunately, no matter how diligently you practice avoidance techniques and awareness, you may find yourself in a physical confrontation. The law allows you to fight back even if the attacker is just threatening you. You may worry that if you fight back, you will anger the attacker and get hurt. However, statistics show that the odds of surviving are far much greater if you fight back. Just aim at the eyes. Use the element of surprise to your advantage, and strike quickly. You may only get one chance. As a parent, this technique can help you protect your family members.


2. Escape as fast as you can

Escape should be your best option always. If you’re suddenly threatened by a predator, it would seem prudent to obey the commands, but try not to leave the primary scene of the crime. You are far much more likely to be injured or killed if you go with the attacker than if you run away. Yell for help! Escape! Do whatever you can to attract attention of other people around. For instance, throw stones through a car window or a room. However, if the attacker is after your material items or purse, throw them away and run!


3. Be aware of your surroundings

Being aware of your surroundings is another most important component in self-defense. Most people think of kicking and blocking punches when they hear the term “self-defense.” However, self-defense starts before any physical contact. Awareness of your surroundings, yourself, and the potential strategies of the attacker is vital. The primary strategy of the criminal is to use surprise. Studies have shown that predators have the tendency of attacking the ones who aren’t aware of what’s happening around them. By being aware of your surroundings, many attacks that are common in the street can be avoided.



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