How to Impress a Woman With a Funny Dance !


The name of this brand new dance is? We do not know. Thought there was one, but it is easy to learn. Who needs to name a dance as long as it is easy to learn and brings girls to a complete stand still on the dance floor. It looked for a second like she was going to give it a try!

How can you resist a man who can make you laugh with just a dance? The video is a riot and I do not know how the girl did not get caught up with the dance. Any man who just gets up and dances is a brave man.He was very energetic with dance moves I have not seen before. The guy was doing his best and seems to be having fun doing it! Dancing with this guy would have been a great time! He did not care if any one else was impressed with his antics, just the girl he was trying to dance with. Even though he was doing a funny dance, his moves were smooth and well timed.

The girl was taken by surprise! It is a mystery how she did not get caught up in the fun of it and just give it a try. The way he danced brought smiles to those all around watching. It was a funny moment when she tried to back away from him, but he was not letting her off so easy.It does not matter how well you dance, it matters if you have a great time doing it!

Easy to tell he was having a very good time! I was caught up in this video and was laughing at how hard he was trying to get the girl to join in.He could bring a smile to any one, no matter what mood they were in. This is what we could call the dance of men! If they all learned some of these moves, there would be girls lined up to join in to see if they could keep up with him.Not sure if there is a little leprechaun in him, his feet seemed to lift off the floor at times.Hand over the trophy for keeping a smile on his face and in time to the music!

Men every where should watch this video! It would be awesome if your partner could get up and dance with you and have fun doing it! I wonder if i can invite him to my next party, it would be great to pay for a band where people actually danced. If this guy can not get them moving, maybe some one should check to see if the guests are still breathing!

Secretly every woman is impressed by a guy who gives dancing his best shot (it is a secret so don’t tell any one)! If this guy did not impress the girl he was with, send out the wire that he impressed me. Heck, I would rather spend time with a man like him on the dance floor, instead of sitting in a chair stirring the ice in my glass.

He has the moves and knows how to use them! Not saying I may have just laughed instead of dancing, but there would be a big smile on my face!Yes men, dancing is a great way to impress a woman. It is the effort that makes it endearing. Okay girls, call this guy and lets go have fun dancing!


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