Top 10 Best Foods to Eat When You’re Sick


We all feel under the weather at times and it is hard to know the best foods to eat when you don’t want to eat. Feeling ill the body can sometimes crave the things it needs but then again when it doesn’t it is time to eat the right things to feel better quickly. Here is a top ten list of things to eat when you are sick.

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1. Proteins

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Proteins in meats and skinless turkey breast can help fight infection off by building antibodies in our systems so eat some proteins if you are feeling under the weather to start feeling better. Eggs and meat and fish all fall into this category so anything protein wise will help when you are feeling sick.



2. Fish

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Eating fish is a super food and it fights illness by building your immunity up so eat plenty of fish while you are feeling ill. Fish is a protein and it helps to build antibodies which fight off infection.



3. Oysters

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Most people are down on oysters but they are high in zinc which can help you get back on your feet quickly so if you love oysters eat up and get better quickly.



4. Anise Seeds

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Anise seeds are said to help ease coughing and colds. They help to clear up congestion and upper respiratory problems. Natives in South America have used anise seeds for years to feel better and they have a slightly licorice taste to them and the best method is tea for anise seeds. Crush them up and put them in hot water three times a day for effective relief and add honey for flavoring. Clear up that cough quickly.



5. Garlic

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Garlic is great for cleansing food but it is also great for antioxidant power which will have you up and feeling better more quickly. If you can eat it raw it is even better but if that is too much grab some garlic capsules and they will work just as well when you are feeling under the weather. Do not worry about the breath just get better.



6. Citrus fruits

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Eating vitamin C can build up prevention of colds but it can also help you to get rid of sickness when it comes on so eat your oranges and strawberries and feel better.



7. Yogurt

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Yogurt can be good for illness because it has a lot of calcium and it should be on the list of foods to eat when you are feeling under the weather because you can start to get energy from the sugars in fruity yogurt immediately helping you to bounce out of feeling unwell.



8. Tea

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Tea is great for calming and feeling better in general however it is even better for coughs and colds. Tea of all kinds will do the trick for antioxidant power and flu fighting strength. So put on the kettle and have a cup of tea with honey and lemon. This may be old school but if it works use it and get well quickly.



9. Milk

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Milk is a great source of vitamin D and can help you fight off colds and flu. It also helps you get better if you are sick. It can help restore upper respiratory problems by restoring vitamin D in the system. So get some milk when you are feeling ill and drink up to feel better.



10. High Calorie Drinks

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When you are really sick a high calorie drink can help to increase your strength. Add protein powder and almond milk and throw in some bananas for potassium to bring your strength and immune system back up to par.


There are many foods we can eat to feel better when we are sick it is just finding the right foods especially with a sore throat or coughing. Nothing ever sounds good when we are really sick and especially with a fever however it is best to eat something so that you will feel better quickly. I guess the old adage to feed a cold is really the truth after all. If your kids are sick remember to make it fun for them to eat something. A bowl of cereal goes a long way for kids and now they have found that milk Is one of the top foods to help us feel better.


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