Killer Karaoke TV Show – The Breath Taking Reality Show


The reality TV entertainment has been a center of attraction from many years and producers at the other end try their utmost efforts to put something interesting that could get some more TRPs for their reality based shows. Many shows, having different formats but same objectives, have been launched in past few decades and Killer Karaoke is another most discussed reality show that airs in American territories with different daredevil stunts and formats.


Hosts of the Show:

The first season was hosted by Steve-O, formerly known for his performances for Jackass TV Series (2000-2003), where Twisted Sisters and Dee Snider performed the duties of announcers in this game show. But in second season of Killer Karaoke Steve-O was replaced by Mark McGrath who is a very famous American singer from the band Sugar Ray.

Format and Stunts of Killer Karaoke:

The show has set in a funny format where every contestant has to sing a famous song but while singing, he/she has to perform a daredevil stunt that is instructed by the host after introducing the contestant with studio audience. People present at studio while recording see different unbelievable and unexpected stunts that really takes breath and make this show a bit different from previously on-aired reality based TV shows.

Many awesome and rather dangerous stunts are the part of this great show that every contestant has to perform while singing a song like Party in the pants, Petting Zoo, Cactus Maze and Shock Therapy. Sometimes a contestant has to bear shocks while singing the song or he/she may face rather horrible pack of dogs that used to bit him/her while singing the song.

Concept and Idea:

Basically, the show, Killer Karaoke, has been adopted by another UK based show, Sing if You Can, that had approximately same format like this exciting show. But Zodiak USA, the production company of Killer Karaoke, made some changes in the format and allowed different contestants, that were common people mostly, unlike ‘Sing if You Can’ where only celebrities could participate in the show.

This show is on-aired by truTV, the American broadcasting channel, every week and it had gathered so much hype due to its unique and rather dangerous stunts performed by different, unskilled, people live on the stage. Every season is packed with 8 episodes having different contestants and different formats of stunts that they have to perform in 90 seconds. The decision of winner would be decided on votes made by audience presented at the show. If first contestant gets more votes then he/she wins and the second loses despite all the daring and efforts he put in the performances.

Performance of a contestant in Killer Karaoke:

The girl, as shown in the video, picks her favorite song and then Steve-O instructs her to sing but she has to keep performing even while doing the stunt with snakes. As the video shows that the girl start singing the song of ‘Redneck Woman’ and does it quite well before she sees the snake and start frightening and screaming after watching spot boys putting the snakes into the water tub placed under the girl.

The main stunt performance starts when the girl was singing the song hanging in the air above the tub filled with snakes. She try hard not to lose her confidence but as the girl was dropped into the tub she starts yelling so badly and cry with fear of snakes. After keeping the girl, whose name is Natasha, for few seconds, they put her out of the tub but she had lost her confidence and was trembling so badly because few of the snakes were stick with her body and this thing made frighten as much as she was near to went unconscious.


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