Most Hilarious Wedding Fails Moments


When one thinks of a wedding, a beautiful, bright and wonderful celebration is pictured. But this is not the case in most weddings and wedding fails have become an inseparable part of the celebration. Many things can go wrong and they usually do, because in such a big and crowded party it is almost impossible to keep everyone organized and well behaved.


From falling grooms to brides, from fainting bridesmaids to drunken bachelors, you can find everything and more in this wedding fail compilation, which will bring laughter out of everyone’s mouth. In fact the type of fails in weddings can be categorized into several different areas: there are the hilarious wedding dress fails, where the bride usually underestimates the dimensions of her dress; then there is the fainting groom category, where during the most important moment, the grooms legs just decide to give up and he plummets to the ground; the priest should not be forgotten as well, for he is the master of ceremony and when an indulgency just falls into the brides cleavage, a good round of laughter follows.

The honored guests are also worth an honorable mention, because they are the soul of the party, which is usually a drunken display of fancy dance moves. Every good wedding should include at least one party person, who ends up climbing on a table and then immediately tumbling down and on special occasions tumbling down along with the wedding cake.

Every tradition within a wedding has potential to become a hilarious sight for both guests and video viewers later. For example the throwing of the bouquet will surely end up with at least three or four women on the ground fighting for it, or the walk of the ring bearer may also prove to be a walk of laughs when the bearer is a young girl picking her nose.

Every so often unbelievable things happen and conveniently there is a video camera nearby. Some wedding fails could only be described as fortunate and impossible. One example would be of a wedding that was being held on top of a balcony with a large pool below, in an almost planned manor, the ring bearer slips and falls, knocking over both the bride and the priest, who, to everyone’s horror fall from the balcony into the pool, remaining unharmed. These kind of events are very rare and one could say that in order for them to happen, the perfect setting is needed.



Whether small or big, all wedding fails are hilarious, they bring even more funny moments to an already action packed celebration. When a great responsibility is given to irresponsible people, it is just a matter of time until chaos will ensue. It often seems that weddings are just an excuse for making hilarious videos and the whole ceremony is left in the background when a funny moment occurs at the right time and in the right place, just to get captured on a video recorder. Mix this with a serious amount of alcohol and dancing and you will get the greatest recipe for a funny wedding video, which will stay in the minds of every guest and every viewer alike.


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