10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds


1. German Shepherd (cost $3,000 to $24.000)

At one time there were wire-haired, long-haired, and short-haired German Shepherd dogs but today only the short-haired one is recognized by the American Kennel Club when entering them in dog shows. They are very intelligent dogs and love a good challenge and strenuous activity. To help prevent them from becoming destructive and restless you need to make sure that they are getting regular exercise. They need an “Alpha leader” who can control and train them and is also a consistent pack leader. German Shepherd dogs are very smart and are used in police work, as a guide dog, and in the military.

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2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (cost $1,000 to $14,000)

This cute dog comes in many colors with each color having a different name. The King Charles breed is black and tan, the Blenheim breed is red and white, the Prince Charles breed is tricolor, and the Ruby breed is a rich mahogany red. They are not only cute but are also playful. This breed has a sunny personality, is very affectionate, and easily trained. The average weight is between ten and eighteen pounds and heights from twelve to thirteen inches. You need to make sure they are getting the right diet and plenty of exercise as they are a breed that tends to gain weight.


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3. Samoyed (cost $4,000 to $11,000)

This breed is very playful, easy going, and will befriend anyone. Although they are very intelligent they do not make good watch dogs because of their out-going nature. This breed originated in Siberia and was used as hunting dogs. Because of their thick coat of hair they will need extensive grooming plus they shed a lot. This breed has a thick undercoat so they do not do well in climates where the weather is very hot.


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4. English Bulldog ($2,500 to $9,000)

This expensive dog is one of the most gentle dogs world-wide. It has excellent guarding abilities but being so gentle they are a breed that is great to have around children. This dog can weigh between fifty-one and fifty-five pounds and reach heights between twelve and sixteen inches. They are considered an indoor breed and will thrive best in temperature climates. In hot weather they do have trouble cooling off and can suffer from heat strokes just like a person can. They do have a small windpipe so they can suffer from breathing problems.


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5. Chow Chow (cost $3,000 to $8,500)

There are two types of this breed which are the smooth-haired and rough-haired. Two things that this breed are known for is it hind legs which are almost straight and gives them a stilted gait and their distinctive blue-black tongue. They are very dominant so they need an owner who is consistent and firm. They can live side by side with cats and other pets in the household if they are introduced to them when they are very young. They are also great with children. This playful breed can weigh between forty-five and seventy pounds and reach heights of eighteen to twenty-two inches. Because of their short muzzles they sometimes snore. They are also very sensitive to heat.


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6. Rottweiler ($2,000 to $8,000)

This is a breed that many people are afraid of because of their powerful massive bodies and stories they have heard but in actuality they can be a devoted family pet. They have protective and loyal instincts that cause them to risk their lives to defend a family. They are also very intelligent and very popular for work in the military, with customs officers, and the police. They need room to run but can be kept in an apartment as long as they get regular exercise each day. They can get twenty-five to twenty-seven inches tall and weigh between one hundred fifteen and one hundred thirty pounds.


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7. Tibetan Mastiff (cost $2,000 to $7.000)

This dog breed may look massive but it is really a calm, good natured, loyal house pet. It is a breed that can live in an apartment but it has to have long daily walks or room to run. Although it does have a long coat it is a popular breed for allergy sufferers. On average it can weigh around one hundred seventy pounds but there have been reports from Europe that there is some of this breed that weigh as much as two hundred twenty pounds. It stands between twenty-five and twenty-eight inches. This breed has been around since eleven hundred BC and were imported to the United States in the 1970’s

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8. Pharaoh Hound ($2,500 to $6.500)

This breed is considered to be one of the oldest domesticated breeds. Looking at the history of this dog you will find that it can be traced back to four thousand to three thousand BC in Ancient Egypt. It was also recognized as the national dog of Malta in 1974. This dog is an excellent scent and sight dog and a good house companion but you have to make sure that you take them outside each day to exercise. It can also be a playful dog as they are good with children. One unique feature about this breed of dog is that when it becomes excited it blushes. Their ears and nose turn a deep shade of rose. The downside is that it is known to be highly sensitive to certain medications and insecticides.


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9. Bearded Collie (cost $1,000 to $5,000)

This dog is considered one of oldest breeds in Britain. In 1967 the first litter of these dogs was born in the United States. They are good herding and hunting dogs and can weigh sixty pounds. On average they are between twenty and twenty-two inches in height. To own one of these playful dogs you should have plenty of room for them to run because they do not thrive very well when they are kept in cramped spaces indoors. They are a breed of dog that wants to be outside, even in weather conditions that are considered adverse.

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10. Akita (cost $1,500 to $4.500)

This expensive dog comes from the Island of Honshu in the Akita Region of Japan. This expensive dog is the national dog of Japan and one of seven breeds of dog to be chosen as a Natural Monument. This popular dog is considered sacred in Japan and you will see small statues of this dog being given to new parents to convey wishes for them to have good health. Owning one is believed to bring a person good luck. They are very affectionate, docile, courageous, and intelligent. They do need an “Alpha dog” to train and firmly control them so they do not become aggressive and stubborn. They can weight up to fifty-four kilograms and grow to a height of seventy-one centimeters. In 1938 the first Akita was brought to the United States by Helen Keller. They can be used as a sled dog, fighting dog, or in military and police work.

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