Fail Selfie Next to Oncoming Train


We all know that selfies have become the in thing. Even the president has a couple and now everyone wants a piece of them. The best thing about selfies is that they allow one to express themselves fully without fear of judgment and better yet they produce some good source of laughter especially for the selfies gone bad. Now that they have become a trend, a rising number of individuals are trying to get the most captivating and daring selfies and on guy could have hit the bar if only he had managed to click the camera. However, the little stunt was caught on tape.


In the true spirit of finding new ways to take selfies and smashing the barriers, Jared thought that taking the picture near the rails of a train just as a train was about to pass by was a great way to do this. The good news is that, he understood that the driver of the train would be infuriated by his little moment of fame and he would honk very hard so the guy plugged in some earphones. Seeing that this was going to be a record setting feat, Jared had the camera set on video before he could take the selfie just in case he clicked a little too early. Little did he know that he could never have been prepared for whatever was about to happen. In his true character and proper timing, just as the train was approaching, he went on to pick the best position with his earphones in place and the camera in the right position. Everything was going great just as he expected including the loud honking that he had anticipated being the reason behind the earphones. Things took a serious twist when just as the train was about to pass by and he was about to click, someone stuck their leg out of the train. The only worse thing about having your foot out in a moving train is when that foot has a good old boot on and is well laced and someone’s head is in close proximity and Jared was about to find this out the hard and painful way.

Yes, I mean what you’re thinking the selfie taking guy got a hearty and string boot to the head as he was getting ready to take the picture. Given the size of the boot and the momentum of the train, it is safe to say that the guy was lucky that he did not get a concoction or better yet his head was not knocked right off his spine.

Nevertheless, what was more shocking about the whole scenario was not the fact Jared was inches away from death and that his head must have been reeling in pain but the fact that he was actually excited that he was able to catch the little hiatus on camera. He even went on to say “Wow that guy just kicked me in the head! I think I got that on film!” from a personal opinion I would have been more infuriated at the guy who stuck his boot in my head rather than the fact that I had got it on film. On the bright side, his reaction did put a bit of humor in a life threatening situation and he got more than the selfie he had set out for. Maybe this is why this video now has more than 19 million views and counting.



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