20 Tips To Build Your LinkedIn Profile To Get Hire Faster


A survey on human resource experts showed that over ninety percent of internal recruiters recruited individuals from LinkedIn. It is not surprising then that many job seekers go to LinkedIn in search of their next wonderful career. Nevertheless, for a good number of people, LinkedIn is still confusing. These tips will help you build your LinkedIn profile so as to get hired faster:


1. Go Back to School

Not literally. Even before you have completed your profile, find and join your college or university alumni and career services groups. It’s a tried-and-true networking platform and it may even help you stay in touch with friends. It is also a place where you can feel comfortable asking any kind of career questions


2. Optimize Your Profile

Why type of job would you like to have? Whatever you are looking for, make sure you include these keywords in the profile. If you come to think about it…, how exactly does a recruiting manager look for potential candidates? He often puts in the title of the job he’s looking for in the search box. Therefore, ensure you have your preferred job title in several places within your profile so as to make sure you appear higher in LinkedIn searches.


© WavebreakmediaMicro - Fotolia.com
© WavebreakmediaMicro – Fotolia.com


3. Use Professional Picture

If you are looking for executive jobs, remember not to have a casual photograph on your profile. Save such photos for Facebook. This is a professional site and you should look the best you can. Dress up according to the amount of salary you want to be paid. A lovable smile will work for you too. Nobody wishes to employ a sourpuss.


4. Complete Your Profile a Hundred Percent

By filling out your profile completely, you are much more likely to appear in LinkedIn searches. Other than that, this demonstrates that you are serious with your job search. LinkedIn has reminders that will let you know of your progress and what exactly you must do in order to be perfect.


5. Provide Details

It is said that details either break or make a story. Your profile here is a book which tells your story. Ensure you come up with a wonderful story. The more comprehensive your story is, the better the chances of you getting noticed, and perhaps employed. Ensure you build your profile based on as much detail as you possibly can


6. Stop Fudging

This is a very important factor too. These days, individuals get their way much easily by falsifying most ideal work information and experience. Do not do this because you may succeed in dodging your way, however, when they notice that, you will be absolutely kicked out and spoil your reputation before you are even able to build one.


7. Use Profile URLs

LinkedIn lets you have a profile URL rather than a URL with arbitrary numbers and things. Be sure to claim your profile and maintain the simplicity and professionalism in it. Ensure you make your profile photo public, if not what is the need of keeping it to yourself.



© kotoyamagami - Fotolia.com
© kotoyamagami – Fotolia.com


8. Join LinkedIn Groups

These are the most ideal places to start your connection and networking with different experts. Look for related groups in your areas of expertise and join them. Such groups are wonderful for networking and adverts. You will be able to know other people and make them know about your skills and services.


9. Build Connections

There is a feature known as connections in LinkedIn. They are the same as Friends on Facebook. Your expert networks here have to be those you know rather than pestering random people on the network.


10. Come up with Content and Share them

Make and share the content of what you have a feeling will be useful to your contacts. Make the content appealing and share them with your contacts in a timely fashion.


11. Use Keywords Effectively

LinkedIn keywords also matter a lot in order for them to appear in a search for tags. Besides including keywords in your profile and skills, ensure you include keywords within your profile summery effectively, rather than stuffing your summery with keywords. These keywords should be the skills you specialize in.


12. Recommend others so That you can Get Recommendations Too

References are basis of this network. They are made on LinkedIn by the people about other individuals they know of. Recommend your contacts for their hard work, skills and knowledge. You may also ask for recommendations but it would be a good idea to first recommend other people and you will surely earn recommendations.


13. Start a Group

Getting to start a group here is simple and it will enable you to emphasize on your brand and also gain authority within your niche. Star a group based on a topic rather than your company. Individuals prefer discussing about concepts and not simply read your promotional stuff.


14. Engage in Question and Answers

LinkedIn also offers question and answer features and you should take advantage of that. In case somebody within your network asks a query, relating to your field, always provide them with answers. By taking part in these kinds of discussions, you will be able to declare you authority within your niche and you will be a leader. Offer guidance to other people in case you have information about a particular skill-set


15. Write To Recruiting Managers

Did you happen to see somebody on LinkedIn who you wish to work for? That person is ready and willing to employ you. All you must do is get a solution to her greatest problem. Think of what displeases her, puzzles her or stops her from sleeping peacefully. Write to that person and ask for ten minutes on phone so that you can help take her worries away. This may lead to a one on one interview and you can end up winning her over.


16. Reach Out to Employers

The head-hunters are out in multitudes on LinkedIn. Why should you wait until they get to get to you? Try to write to the recruiters and request them to let you tell them all about your skills and expertise and learn the searches they are presently dealing with. They are obviously here to get professionals so allow them to find you.


17. Use Your Summery Section to Come up With an Ad 

The summery section in the profile is a wonderful place to tell recruiters what exactly help them do. Ensure you mention all the profits you will bring to the company. How you will make cash, save them money and make them much more efficient. Do not be shy and explain to them he importance of hiring you.


18. Delete the Buzzwords

Overused words will not ruin your chances of finding a good job but they just don’t help much. Go through your profile and get rid of whatever is ambiguous and non-specific words and phrases for instance extensive experience, innovative, motivated, result-oriented, dynamic, proven track record, team- player, problem solver. Substitute fluff with a fact like “I was a project manager for a successful website design with a one hundred thousand dollars budget.


19. Be Cautious about what you Post

Do not make political or religious comments, do not be fan boy or a stalker, do not beg anyone for a job. Do not aggressively sell you or any other product or service; don’t post about events if they are just sales pitches. Act like you are in a virtual interview, because you are.


20. Open Your Mind to Possibilities

Remember this is a LinkedIn invitation, not a relationship proposal. Accept invitations from almost everyone except disreputable or unethical people, and enjoy watching your network grow.



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