Salsa Dancing Has No Age Limit


Britain’s Got Talent television show had an intriguing contestant. Paddy and Nico start off with a classic ballroom dance. Paddy is 80 years old and is still going. Simon isn’t to thrilled by the performance. The slow saunter takes a quick turn for excitement. This of course, was not before Simon gave the dancer team the big red X. As the buzzer sounds, the dance team changes from ballroom to salsa.

Photo credit: Syco Entertainment /
Photo credit: Syco Entertainment /

An Act Like No Other

The judges’ faces are hit with puzzlement when the couple take the stage. Just as they are starting to transition into a new routine, Simon hits the X. The look of disappointment is gleamed at Simon by the couple. This is when the tired looking old lady reveals that she really does got talent.As the salsa music heats up, Paddy is spun in several circles and tossed between her dance partner’s legs. The full on salsa dance has begun. This wasn’t a just any salsa dance either. The astonishment on the judges’ faces are epic.

Paddy is spun up into her dance partner’s arms, dipped, and even moves like she is a young model. The fact she is 80 years old is not even clear to the audience or judges by the time the first upward spin of Paddy is flawlessly executed.At about two and a half minutes in, Nico picks Paddy up over his head and she spins downward and slides right between his legs. The judges scream with excitement. The yawns and lack of hope for this dance couple have vanished. The audience is even cheering in excitement. This couple has got talent.

The dance rages on with spectacular acrobatic feats and Paddy even holds onto Nico’s neck and is spun around in circles. This is no old grandmother who’s bones hurt! Paddy and Nico moves, dances, and captures the hearts of the audience and the judges.The dance wraps up with the audience and judges giving these dancers a standing ovation. A very well deserved one at that. The salsa dance of Paddy and Rico even earns them the golden button. Tears can be seen swelling up in Paddy’s eyes as a life time of sacrifice and determination finally were realized by the captivated judges and audience.




Never Judge By Outward Looks

Paddy and Nico were judged from the start. The appearance of a 79 year old women on a stage with young, agile dancers was thought of as a joke. The dance wasn’t even allowed to rage on before it received it’s first red X. A regret that Simon apologizes for and that is something he has never done. Paddy gets the chance to tell a piece of her story. She had danced since the time she was two and a half. She put it away to get married and have four children. Once her husband passed, she went to Nico’s Dance Academy to learn something new. This is a resounding proof that if you want to, no mater your age or position in life, you can be spectacular and do amazing things. Paddy is an inspiration to all ages to approach life with passion.

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